"Just as a kaleidoscope transforms simple elements into a mesmerising display, our school event transforms individual talents into a spectacular showcase of diversity and brilliance."
BGSVS organised Kaleidoscope -an event that unfolded in a spectacle of colours and warmth on Friday 2 February’2024.
The event was inaugurated by our adorable Principal Ma'am. From rhythmic dances to melodious sounds, students from Step-III-X showcased the diverse nature of Indian culture . Stalls, adorned like miniature states reflected India's diversity & grandeur. Maharashtra's vitality, Uttar Pradesh's elegance, Jammu and Kashmir's beauty, Odisha's hues, and West Bengal's ingenuity amalgamated to add extra spark to the event.
Also, the display of creative Maths and Scientific projects gave the festivities an academic edge. The event's capstone was the Principal's emotional thanks to all parents, students, and staff for their genuine effort and hard work.