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Once again it is time for another beginning towards a productive year packed with synergy and challenges. We stand committed to take another step forward and take our school to greater heights of excellence.

As our students embark on the journey of life, our desire is to empower them with life skills such as time management, interpersonal skills, thinking out of the box, self-analysis and so much more. With this aim in view, we at BGS Vijnatham strive to nurture our children with love and care along with a strong emphasis on self- discipline.

Home and school are the most important building blocks in a child’s life. Do take a keen interest in all school activities. Your participation and concern will motivate your child to excel further.

Our greatest asset is the close-knit relationship that we share with parents. Do communicate frequently with the teachers to establish a meaningful bond with all the stakeholders - the school, the parent and the child.

Our almanac contains all relevant information related to our expectations, processes and procedures followed in the school. It is the most vital link between the home and the school and a very useful means of communication between us. Please go through it regularly and use it effectively to remain in touch with the school.

Let us join hands to educate our children for a better future.

With best wishes.

Minakshi Khurana

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