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Indemnity Declaration :

I/We Understand that registration does not in any way entitle the child to be admitted to the school. We hereby declare that the information furnished by us on all the official documents of the School is true and correct to the best of our knowledge. However, in the event of concealment of any information, regarding illness or any other relevant information regarding us and our child; the school has the sole discretion at any point of time to refuse admission. It is understood that if the child requires any special care which is ordinarily not available in the school; or if subsequently it is discovered that the child requires some special care which is not available in the school; the parent may be asked to withdraw child from the school.

We hereby undertake that we shall not hold BGS VIJNATHAM SCHOOL authorities including the Management members, responsible for any mishap that may occur on account of participation in sports activities or extracurricular activities inside or outside the school premises or while travelling in school transport.

We are also aware that BGS VIJNATHAM SCHOOL shall take all possible care and precautions to ensure the safety of every child while he/she is with school, but mishaps may occur despite taking all precautions.

 I hereby authenticate the above mentioned declaration.


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