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Attendance and Punctuality :

  • Kindly ensure that your child is regular, punctual and disciplined.
  • If your child is absent for one day or two, the record of his absence must be mentioned in the almanac.
  • Students who have been sick for three days or more should bring their application and medical certification on the day of joining. In case the leave is prolonged, school should be intimated about the same.
  • Absence from the school on social functions should be discouraged. There is no provision for a half day leave.
  • Do not send your child to the school to attend classes or even for weekly test, when sick.
  • If due to certain exigencies, a student has to leave the campus during school hours under his own arrangement, the following rules will be observed:
  • Only authorized persons mentioned in the I card will be allowed to pick up the child . In absence of the parent or guardian, an authority letter from the parent is mandatory to pick up a child. Parents’ identity card must be produced at the school gate. A permission slip must to be obtained from the school and deposited at the school gate before leaving the school campus.

Late Arrival: 

  • The names of the late arrivals will be noted down . In case repeated late arrivals, parents will be asked to take the child back home.
  • However, the above is not applicable to the students travelling by school bus.
  • The school gates will close 10 minutes after the school begins.

Absence and Leave:

  • Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than six consecutive days renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls; re-admission may be granted only on payment of fresh admission fee, provided the vacancy still exists.
  • All children are expected to attend school on the opening day after every vacation. Those absent because of sickness must present a medical certificate before they join the class.
  • A child returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce a fitness certificate from a doctor.
  • Students suffering from any one of the following diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to the class:
    a. Chicken Pox-Till complete falling of scabs.
    b. Measles-Two weeks after the rash disappear.
    c. Mumps-Until the swelling has gone.
    d. Whooping Cough-Six weeks
    e. Jaundice-Six weeks

Dress Code/School Uniform:

  • Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. The school uniform should be worn on all the working days and for all the school functions.
  • Students who are untidily dressed or not in proper uniform will be sent back home.
  • Students are required to attend all school functions, Open house/activity in or outside the school in school uniform only.
  • All boys (except Sikhs) must keep their hair short. Girls must tie their hair neatly with black bands. Girls are allowed to wear only small ear tops or studs.
  • No other jewellery is permitted. Students are strictly prohibited from applying mehndi, nail polish or hair color. Stringent action will be taken against defaulters.
  • Each student must carry his/her neatly ironed handkerchief.
  • The name, class & section of the child should be clearly marked on all the belongings.


  • The students and parents can take help of the school transport services or even ply their own vehicles for reaching the school campus.
  • The school has dedicated Air-Conditioned transport service which assist in pick up and drop of students to and from the school campus daily. The daily commuters can take the route chart from the school desk and sign up for the school bus facility accordingly.
  • A Student’s Bus ID is provided with the respective Bus number of their travel to ensure their safe travel identity.
  • The bus transport service provided by the school is quality and safety checked by school for complete safety of the students. The buses do not promote regular passengers into the bus. Historical check of the identities of the drivers and bus conductors are done on the regular basis.

Before and After School Hours

Objective: To arrive at, and depart from school in a safe and orderly manner.
Expected Behaviour:
Before School Hours:

  • Students coming to School by self mode of transport must be dropped off in front of the School Gate.
  • Students will alight from buses in a safe and orderly manner.
  • Students should not ride skate boards, roller blades or scooters to School.
  • A Student’s Bus ID is provided with the respective Bus number of their travel to ensure their safe travel identity.
  • Students will always use respectful and appropriate language.

After School Hours:

  • Students who ride the bus will go directly from class to the bus loading area and will wait calmly in the bus parking area. They must wait until invited to board the bus by the driver or the helper on board.
  • Students will wait in queue and will not disturb the line.
  • After the school is over, students who travel on their own will go home directly or meet their waiting parent.

Hallways and stairways
Objective: To create a safe and quiet environment in the hallways and stairways where people interact with courtesy and respect.
Expected Behaviour:

  • They must always listen to, and follow the instructions of the In-charge on duty.
  • Students need to seek permission from the In-charge on duty before retrieving a ball from the parking lot, the street, or neighbour’s yard.
  • When the recess ends, students must stop all activities, stack all equipment in the appropriate place and line up immediately.
  • Eatables are not permitted on the play ground.
  • Students must follow safety guidelines, as instructed, when using any equipment.
  • Students are required to settle differences peacefully and to ask for adult help when needed.
  • Students are not allowed to carry personal toys, sports cards, sports equipment, electronic games, radio, personal stereos or headphones to School.
  • Students must show respect and kindness to others.
  • Students are not permitted to kick or throw balls at the school windows and walls or kick balls onto the roof.
  • Students must ensure that their ball does not hurt other students or persons on the school campus.
  • Students must learn to share and take turns with all playground equipment.

While using Restrooms
Objective: To ensure respectful behaviour and appropriate use of the restroom.
Expected Behaviour:

  • Students are required to demonstrate the same behaviour in the restrooms as is required in their classrooms.
  • If the restroom must be used during class, students will note their exit from and return to the classroom in the manner specified by their teacher.
  • Students will strictly use restrooms properly, and leave them clean for others who follow.
  • Students must always flush the toilet; and remember to turn off all taps and flush corks without fail.
  • Students must wash their hands before returning to class or playground.
  • Writing obscene graffiti on the walls is not desirable or permissible.

School Bus
Objective: To ensure that the students travelling by the School transport follow appropriate guidelines for the safety and comfort of all the students travelling with them.
Expected Behaviour:

  • Students should use appropriate language while traveling in the school bus.
  • Students must ensure that they keep the bus clean and free off litter.
  • Students must carry an extra packet to keep the leftovers and not litter the bus.
  • It is important that students always co-operate with the Driver/Helper.
  • Students must stay in their seat for their safety and the safety of others. They should not stand or run in the bus.
  • Students should not lean out of the bus windows. They must keep head, hands and feet inside the bus at all times.
  • Unruly behavior like shrieking and shouting is strictly prohibited. Any act of indiscipline in the school bus on the part of a student will result in withdrawal of bus facility.

Objective: The School seeks to ‘Provide a safe and secure environment for learning and ‘Promotes habits of mutual respect, courtesy and an awareness of togetherness and inter-dependence.
Expected Behaviour:

  • The student will not act unfriendly or threateningly to anyone.
  • The student will not push, kick, hit, punch or exhibit any act of violence.
  • The student will not indulge in name calling, sarcasm, spreading rumors and teasing.
  • The student will not indulge in racial taunts, painting graffiti or making obscene gestures.
  • The student will not indulge in unwanted physical contact or sexually abusive comments or focus on any issue of sexuality.
  • The student will not indulge in Virtual or Cyber bullying, use of email or e- texts.
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