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Dear parents,

Coming together –is the beginning
Thinking together- is the process
Working together-is the success
Winning together- is the result

School almanac is undoubtedly a great way to keep parent-teacher communication alive. It is one of the most successful ways to carry an important message from the School to the parent and vice versa .Each student at the beginning of academic year of the School is provided with a copy of the School Almanac. It is necessary that students and parents read ALMANAC thoroughly. It aims at establishing invaluable link between teachers, students and parents.
All students and parents are required to abide by the code. Students should carry their almanacs daily.

Mandatory Instructions:

  • Please ensure special badges given to students are worn daily.
  • Info sheet, Health Proforma, etc. given in the beginning of the session must be filled by the parents in their own handwriting.
  • Students who come to school with their escorts, should never leave before the escort arrives. In case of delay, they should report at the reception.
  • The school reserves the right to suspend students whose progress in studies is unsatisfactory or whose conduct is inappropriate.
  • Students are not allowed to go to a friends’/ relatives’ house from school.
  • Students are allowed to distribute only toffees/sweets of well known brands to their classmates on the occasion of their birthday. No other celebration is allowed.
  • Reading ‘newspaper’ is an important habit that needs to be inculcated early in life. ‘Current Affairs’ form a compulsory evaluation component of the Pen and Paper tests. Hence encourage your ward to devote regular time and effort in this area.
  • Lunch box and other necessary art/craft items must be sent along with the child. Any packet sent to school later will not be accepted due to security reasons.
  • Do not seek permission to take back the sibling while visiting the school to attend your wards’ programme.
  • Label all the belongings of your ward in order to avoid any misplacement.

Adopt a calmer outlook:

  • Do not react towards any other student/staff on receiving any complaint.
  • Do not board the school transport for settling scores with any one or for any kind of retaliation.
  • All complaints/ grievances must be brought to the notice of the Principal without any fear of retaliation.

Share responsibilities:

  • Kindly take responsibility to escort the students on trips, outings and also in the school buses whenever required.
  • Do come forward and be proactive in sharing the responsibility of the children along with the teachers during school activities.
  • Do attend meetings arranged by the school counsellor if/whenever required and take suggestions given by them seriously.

Be a Role Model:

  • Encourage your ward to imbibe right values and life skills at home.
  • Spend meaningful and quality time with your ward without any distractions.
  • Help your ward in completing the assigned tasks.
  • Instruct your ward to watch age appropriate TV programme and limit the time for the same.
  • Ensure that net surfing is always done under your guidance and supervision.

Keep the communication channel open:
The master Key: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate! One of the keys to parents and teachers working together is to have good communication. What may not be clear is that communication works both ways. Try to be a role model to your ward/s. Practise what you preach.
Deal with tough stuff together: Be a team player!! Not all kids have an easy"

  • transition to school or enjoy being at school. When parent and teachers work together, child will have a positive and successful
  • school experience – Educationally and socially.

START OFF RIGHT: It is a good idea to initiate a conversation with your child’s new teacher. Touching base with your child’s teacher early on lets her know you are caring and involved and will be a cooperative partner if problem arise.
KEEP IT POSITIVE: Whether you are talking on phone, emailing or sitting face-to-face with your child’s teacher, make sure communication is positive and upbeat. Attacking the teacher makes her defensive, leaving her less willing to cooperate with you.

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