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 At BGSVS, safety and security is the utmost concern as we believe that every individual deserves a secure environment that encourages to Enjoy, Explore, Enquire and Enlighten themselves freely. In order to ensure the same we have implemented effective high – technology security systems that keep the school campus safe.

Safety of school children in school premises:

  • During the break or any such time, teachers monitor the campus as per the duty register. All unbecoming disciplinary issues are addressed, and an environment of integrity is encouraged.
  • Regular evacuation drills are conducted.
  • All staff members keep children under supervision at all times for their safety and security.
  • School and classroom rules are put in place through regular discussions with the students to help them understand the importance of safety, security and hygiene.
  • Children in school buses are accompanied and supervised by our teachers and trained support staff.
  • First-aid kit and fire safety equipment is available in all our CNG school buses.
  • I-cards are issued to students and Staff which they must wear at all times in the school as well as on school trips.
  • Parent I-cards issued by the school must be shown at the time of pick-up either from the school or the bus-stop.
  • In case of a field trip, outstation trip or an event outside the campus, children are accompanied by teachers.
  • We ensure arrival and departure of visitors is monitored through visitor cards and gate passes issued by the security staff and school administrative staff.
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