Top Questions to ask during Parent’s Teachers’ Meetings/Interactions

School meetings between parents and teachers are golden opportunities for them to get valuable insights into the children’s lives.


School meetings between parents and teachers are golden opportunities for them to get valuable insights into the children’s lives. However, parents are often confused about what exactly to ask the teachers. This issue is particularly faced by parents when they do not know which insights to look for. However, if you manage to ask the right questions, you can help your child much better in becoming academically and emotionally strong.


Why is a parent’s teachers’ meeting organised and how to make the most out of it?

A parents’ teachers meeting is essentially organised to ensure better communication between the parents and the teachers. The parents can't know what their children are doing away from them, at school. Likewise, the teachers wouldn’t know what the children do at home. A parent’s teachers’ meeting helps to bridge this gap by allowing them to ask for and gather the necessary information. Only when properly informed about the children, the parents can help them excel in studies and other aspects. This is why the top ten schools in Greater Noida West organise these meetings regularly. You may ask the following questions about your child in the next parent’s teachers’ meeting.


  1. Ask about the child’s strengths and weaknesses

As per research, parents tend to have higher expectations from their children, compared to the teachers. This is why gaining the teachers’ insights about the strengths and weaknesses of the child can be helpful. This would enable you to help your children much better. For example, once you know about your children’s strengths, you may encourage them and help them enhance it. With sufficient knowledge regarding their weakness, you would also be able to help them overcome it.


  1. Enquire about how you can help your children with studies

In case if you are unsure regarding what would be the best way to help your children with on the academic aspects, feel free to consult the teachers. As they are the ones teaching your children at school, they would be able to guide you about how you may continue it at home. For example, plenty of additional study materials are available in the market. A teacher can suggest which ones would prove helpful without overburdening your child.


  1. Try to know about your child’s social development

Among children, social development is as important as academic qualities. Your child would need to learn to interact with others and make friends from a young age itself to avoid problems in the future. You may ask the teachers about how your child interacts with other children, whether he/she helps others, etc. This would also give you valuable insights about your child’s behaviour.


  1. Ask if your child is emotionally stable

Although emotional stability is crucial for sound mental health, parents often overlook it. However, it is crucial to know about the emotional state of your child and how he/she deals with problems. You may always ask the teachers about whether your child gets agitated easily, or if he/she is generally happy. This way, you would get to know if your child is stressed out about something and help out accordingly.


  1. Seek clarification of incidents

It is quite common for children to come home and complain about incidents at schools which may have caused them problems. However, their versions of the incidents happen to be one-sided quite often, which denies the parents the whole picture. In case if your child complains about such problems, you might want to seek clarification from the teachers to get their version of the incident and then deal with the situation.


  1. Try to understand if your child needs help in any specific areas

Parents often miss the signs when their children start to fall behind in a particular skill or subject. However, as the teachers spend considerable time with them regarding the studies and teach them specific subjects, they tend to notice it easily. When you ask a teacher about any shortcomings on the part of your child, you would likely gain the necessary information and then provide your child with adequate support in that area.

As school is where your children likely spend most of their time other than home, their behaviour and performance at school are certainly worth keeping track of. All the six topics described above are crucial and asking these questions at a parent’s teachers’ meeting would prove helpful. In the top schools in Greater Noida West such as BGS, these meetings are organised with enough time for the parents to talk to the teachers regarding all their queries.


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