The Benefits of Playing Sports in Schools

The obesity rates among children are at an all-time high. Recent studies have also revealed that adult diseases like diabetes and hypertension are slowly creeping into the lives of kids.


The obesity rates among children are at an all-time high. Recent studies have also revealed that adult diseases like diabetes and hypertension are slowly creeping into the lives of kids. The core reasons for these alarming scenarios are often attributed to unhealthy food and lifestyle habits where our children are increasingly becoming sedentary in their daily lives. One place that they regularly visit is their schools and thus, the educational institutions are best placed to inculcate physical activity into the children’s daily lives. And if the physiological benefits of sports make it logically important to exist in schools, the advantages also spill over to students’ academic and skill developments.

Thus, the Top 10 CBSE schools in Greater Noida West maintain sports as an essential part of their educational curriculum, aptly complemented by top-notch infrastructure. Sports contribute directly to the overall well-being of today’s children and positively shapes their future as well.

Physically fit students are academic performers

And that is why it is so crucial to actively participate in sports right in the schools. A survey conducted in the United States showed that students who indulged in sports in between their academic sessions received better grades than the group who continued with studies without any activity. The study involved students of all IQ levels and the results remained the same. To explain in simpler words, participating in sports in between academic sessions allows the mind to rest and prepare for the next period. Plus, physical activity helps students to sleep better which is the brain’s time to store the consumed knowledge into memory. Naturally, physically active students are academic performers.

Sports help with managing stress and anxiety

The psychological benefits of sports are undeniable as well. In the 21st-century where the students are burdened with a heavy curriculum with the addition of a plethora of distracting gadgets, they go into stress and anxiety states more readily than their previous generation. Sports stands as the best antidote to these alarming conditions. With activity, the body gets an outlet of the accumulated stress and physically relaxes later that calms down the mind as well. Hence, most of the sports options in the Best Schools in Noida Extension involve an intricate balance of cardio and mind-stimulating options that help students to take care of their mental health along with their physical selves.

Sports directly lead to soft skills development

Participating in a solo game like table tennis and swimming helps to improve self-discipline and conduct. A team game, on the other hand, like football aids in the development of communication, leadership, team spirit, and so on. Above all, when students have to balance their academics, sports, and other extra-curricular activities, they learn vital skills like time management and organisation, and all of these come together to form soft skills among students. The modern corporate society now demands soft skills along with academic intelligence. And sports have a direct contribution to that field. Any activity you take, sports have some skills to teach students in some way and explicitly help their regular education as well. At a time when schools are looking to maintain an all-inclusive curriculum, the answer definitely lies with sports.

It gives rise to a community

Paediatrics and psychologists around the world are increasingly focusing on the importance of indulging in a social community in this world of virtual interaction. The internet has taken communication and friendships online which are degrading the quality of living among children. Here, sports can give the students a real world where they can actively interact with their peers, learn from each other, exchange ideas, and share goals. Sports can bring modern children out of screens and into the playgrounds. On these lines, the Best Nursery School in Greater Noida West introduces sports to their students at an early age with the sole motive of creating a sense of community early. Getting habituated to live a lonely life over gadgets will never help the children in the long run.

The benefits of sports in schools is truly multi-dimensional. And the BGS Vijnatham School acknowledges its deserved essence. BGS is proactive about maintaining sports in its regular curriculum. Students have options for a variety of activities to follow their passion and indulge as per their interest. The school’s coaching in sports precisely surrounds the known benefits and naturally, BGS students are a group of positive, motivated, and performing children. Encourage your children to take up sports. Feed their enthusiasm for daily physical activity and end-of-the-year competitions. Sports can indeed lead to all-around development as nothing about balanced physical activity can be counter-beneficial.


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