Behaviour Management: The Strategies Good Schools Follow

If schools are accepted as institutions of education, then it is the responsibility of all schools to impart education in its true sense.


If schools are accepted as institutions of education, then it is the responsibility of all schools to impart education in its true sense. The term does not merely encompass knowledge and skills. Education also means learning proper behaviour and self-conduct so that the students can work to make this society a better place. That is where behaviour management is so vital in schools. Children at any age are like blank slates when they can pick up any lesson from their surroundings without the capacity of proper judgement. They need to be kept under a strict set of rules, which they are bound to abide by at all instances and require supervision to learn proper behaviour. The best school in Greater Noida West will thus have working strategies in place that are destined to meet such goals and some of them are discussed here in this post.

Banning of non-academic items

There are certain objects that students do not need within the school premises. Possessing them not only works as a source of distraction but also creates unnecessary peer pressure among others which leads to negative feelings. Take the example of mobile phones, watches, or cameras. Every item in the current era can distract the student possessing it from education and drive other students to feel inferior for not having the same. It might also lead to unhealthy competition and bitter feelings among students, all of which are unacceptable in an educational institution. So, good schools ban such objects from their premises and are generally strict about it. No excuses are tolerated at any level.

Rigid disciplinary policies

Schools are the places where students learn about punctuality, attendance, regularity, and wearing a uniform. All the top schools in Greater Noida West will have such disciplinary policies in place to teach their students the importance of following rules and giving respect to the institution they belong to. In a way, such disciplinary approaches keep the children down to earth, make them understand that no one is above another, and some rules apply to all irrespective of their situation. And rules are only followed when there are consequences of breaking them. Discipline is an integral part of behavioral management and schools need to be strict about it. What they learn in schools will stay with them for a lifetime.

Proper warning system in place

Rigidity about behavioural rules is definitely a necessity but not all situations can be dealt with a hard hand. Students cannot go to schools with fear. Too much rigidity will lead to that. Instead, there must be a fair warning policy in place where the students are reminded that they have broken a rule without any severe consequence. Such an approach takes away the anxiety associated with making a mistake. Students feel that their voices are also heard when the rule-breaking was purely unintentional. Good schools give a warning to the student by keeping the parents and the teachers in the loop so that the student fairly understands the consequence the next time the instant is repeated. A good system also involves multiple warnings if the reaction to the mistake is not severe and none at all if the consequence is entirely unacceptable.

Counselling of students and parents

More often than not, there are underlying unaddressed reasons why students misbehave in schools and even after repeated warnings, the problem does not seem to go away. Naturally, suspension or expulsion is one way to deal with things. But the best nursery school in Greater Noida will have the provision of counselling in their institution. The phenomenon is common among toddlers who are yet to master the art of expression and the simplest way they can respond to a situation is by acting out. In such cases, the school needs to meet with their parents and find out all possible explanations about the behaviour and snap the problems from its roots. Counselling must extend to senior students and their parents as well. Before the ultimate step, good schools will always try their best to help their students deal with their situations.

The behaviour management strategies of the BGS Vijnatham school is precisely designed to guide students along a path of disciplined lifestyle. The rules in place keep the children focused on academics, maintains an orderly atmosphere, and ensures a safe environment for all to study and thrive. Students from schools who follow the perfect blend of rigidity and understanding naturally turn out to be responsible citizens of the society. Here, their education takes the right shape where along with knowledge, self-conduct also receives its deserved priority.

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