A Parent’s Guide to Continuously Help your Child’s Schooling

When it comes to education, a chunk of responsibility naturally lies with the schools. But the children of any age cannot function without their parents.


When it comes to education, a chunk of responsibility naturally lies with the schools. But the children of any age cannot function without their parents. Even when you have selected the best institute for your child from the list of schools in Noida Extension, your share of obligations towards the student’s education cannot diminish by simply dropping him/her off to school every day. You will regularly have to take part in your child’s academics, lend support to the student and the school for effective progress, and do your part as a team to ensure that the child receives the care he/she seeks from his/her parents. Hence, as a parent, you will have to offer your continuous assistance. If not directly, but in many different forms.

Here are a few ways in which you can be a helping parent.

  1. Maintain clear communication with the teacher

Initially, your child’s teacher at school will require your inputs to better understand the student’s needs and learning techniques. With time, you will need the teacher’s inputs to grasp the changing behaviour of your child as he/she starts to spend most of his/her days at school. As evident, the communication between you and the teacher has to remain clear as your child will remain in the influence of both regularly. Unless you exchange notes and discuss your observations, both of you will end up guiding the child in separate directions even when the ultimate motive is the same.

  1. Follow the school rules with your child

The top schools in Greater Noida will always have a set of rules laid down to bring the element of discipline among their students. They are applicable to students of all ages and it is your duty, as parents, to ensure that they are being implemented to their desired extent. For instance, if the school has a rule about punctuality, you must direct your child to follow it without fail. If a few items are prohibited on the premises, you must make sure that your child hears the same restrictions from you as well. And a part of your contribution also lies in the fact of making your child face the consequences. On the occasion where your child makes a mistake, you should not cover for the student and guard him/her against penalties.

  1. Be available in your child’s education

Take updates about his/her assignments. Ask your child about his/her day at school. Attend the parent-teachers meetings at your child’s school and attend the play that he/she is performing in. Research over the world has shown that those students become better performers in their education whose parents showed involvement in the process. Your child will seek your feedback and support and do well with regular motivation. Even when you can delegate all the academic responsibilities to the school, consult with the teachers and maintain a healthy involvement from your side as well.

  1. Take care of the ambiance at home

The top 10 schools in Greater Noida West will provide the best of resources to their students and teach through the best learning techniques. But all their work cannot be undone when your child returns home to his/her comfort zone. If your child is not completing the homework set by the teacher due to a distraction, no learning technique will work. If his/her study routine is disorganised at home, he/she will struggle to manage the futuristic curriculum of the school. So, to assist your child properly, make sure that his/her home ambiance is complementary to the school’s ambiance. Plan his/her daily routine with your child, set up the work desk at a distraction-free zone and prioritise his/her rest.

  1. Supervise but try not to enforce

As parents, you will always want the best for your children. You will feel the drive to make the right choices for him/her and prevent any misdirected decisions by stepping in early. Such an attitude often leads parents to enforce their decisions on children when the actual approach should have been mentoring and supervising. Growing up and receiving the best education with proper exposure, your child will be naturally curious. He/she will possess the capability to think for oneself and make his/her own choices. Here, your assistance should again come as support, similar to what good schools do. Let the student walk the path while you remain there as the supervisor.

The BGS Vijnatham school maintains such collaboration with their parents as the school truly believes that no child can develop right without their substantial contribution. BGS maintains a clear channel of communication with you, consults with you and takes your suggestions. As parents, you will always remain the greatest influencer in your child’s life and the top schools will acknowledge that fact while conducting their responsibilities.


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