8 Amazing Benefits of Meditation in Schools

Today’s society is certainly demanding and even our children are not immune to the pressure that it brings along. The entire education system has evolved to include more in each grade.


Today’s society is certainly demanding and even our children are not immune to the pressure that it brings along. The entire education system has evolved to include more in each grade. Students are required to participate in multiple activities to build their skills. And then comes the inherent stress of examinations and result-centric expectations which when combined with their modern lifestyle, tend to create a pressure cooker environment for them. No school can turn things down a notch as excellence is a priority for all the top schools in Noida Extension. But they can definitely offer some space for their students to relax and take some time off. Here, meditation provides the most scientific way to blow off some steam as the benefits it possesses are genuinely valuable to all students.

  1. Meditation helps to reduce stress

Psychotherapists prescribe meditation as a regular exercise for all students as research has time and again shown that it is the most effective way to bring the stress-causing agents under control. Students generally go into stress or anxiety when they worry about the future. Through meditation, they can bring their mind back to the present and manage their thoughts to live a better life.

  1. It increases attention and concentration

Students with poor control over their thoughts tend to get distracted easily. Their mind wanders about and they fail to pay attention to the task at hand. As meditation involves managing thoughts, students become equipped to bring back their attention to the present with the help of it. The more students meditate daily, the better their concentration becomes and the higher they absorb in class.

  1. It positively impacts their performance

Better academic performance due to meditation can be attributed to the cumulative effect of the above two benefits. When students are less stressed during the academic year, they can recall their knowledge better during exams. Plus, as their attention span is enhanced, students learn their subjects with greater focus and take in more information in a specific time span. Meditation brings out a student’s true potential.

  1. Meditation enables the mind to rest

The top schools in Greater Noida Extension generally place their meditative session right after a hectic sequence of periods where students really had to crack their minds to understand what was being taught. The scientific reason behind this is that the mind requires a buffer time to absorb the new-found information before it can work again and the best connections are made during meditation.

  1. It keeps students away from bad habits

The present crop of students is suffering from lifestyle-destroying habits like unhealthy eating, chronic video game or TV addiction, sedentary lives and often, depression. All these are known to stem from anxiety and stress which meditation can successfully fend off. When students are calmer in their approach, they do not feel the need to engage in temporarily pleasing activities like playing a game or eating chips.

  1. Students remain well-behaved

Children generally act out when they feel pressurised due to a certain situation or they feel helpless or unattended. These again start a chain-reaction of anxiety in their mind and the brain responds with emotional outbursts. Meditation combats that right in the root. A steady mind has a better problem-solving ability and hardly any stressful situation throws off the student. Such a child will typically be well-behaved, always maintaining desirable conduct.

  1. And are in better touch with their strengths

A relaxed mind continuously brings up instances to show the student memories when they excelled. It is just the opposite effect of the stressed mind that fills the student up with negativity. With regular meditation, students can get in touch with their inner strengths and inherent skills and bring them to every activity they participate in. The result will clearly be visible in their motivation levels.

  1. Meditation leads to mindfulness

Human minds are programmed to either dwell in the past or think about the future. That is how we learn from our experiences and layout plans. Regular meditation sessions bring that process to a halt for some time which allows the students to appreciate the things around at that specific moment. Mindfulness about the present leads to happiness, positivity, and excitement among students.

When the benefits are this impactful, how can the best school in Noida Extension stay away from including meditation as an essential part of its curriculum? Hence, BGS Vijnatham has regular sessions of meditation for all its students and staff to extend its physiological and psychological advantages to all. The school strives for excellence but it also knows how to slow its students down and take care of their emotional health. And that is where education wins here as students learn in a comfortable environment rather than a pressurising one.




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