7 Questions to Ask Yourself as a Parent Before School Admissions

Being a concerned parent, you would obviously prioritizing a school having a string academic infrastructure, along with a good transport system.


Being a concerned parent, you would obviously prioritizing a school having a string academic infrastructure, along with a good transport system. Of course, a reputed school can lend a passport to a successful future to your kid. After all, your kid would be spending most of their formative years in the institution you choose. You would be looking for the top schools in Greater Noida to get your child admitted.

Well, we have listed down seven questions that parents need to ask themselves before admitting their kids to a school.

  1. How ready is the school for future?

Rather than making your decision based on the past pedigree of the institution, you should consider the institution’s future readiness. The future is uncertain, and your kids would move into a world of competitions. Therefore, the school should be well poised to prepare the kids for the evolving world. Apart from the academic excellence, take a note of the deployment of advanced technology in the learning process.

You might ask the school authorities how they would train the kid to adapt to changes. Concerned parents should also enquire whether the kids are taught to solve problems critically.


  1. What kind of training do the teachers hold?

Of course, the experience of the teaching faculty counts. However, you need to look beyond that when you get your child admitted to the institution. Find out the kind of qualification that the teachers hold. Apart from experience, check out whether or not they get refresher training from time to time.

In general, parents rarely ask these questions to the principal or the admission authorities. This is an easy mistake to commit. Your kid would be spending ten to fourteen years of his/her life with the teachers. Make sure to be well-informed about their credibility.


  1. What type of learning takes place outside the classroom?

Well, you would want your kid to develop his or her personally holistically, right? Have you considered the time he or she would be spending in the laboratory or the playground?

Learning takes place even outside the classroom in the best schools in Greater Noida. Enquire about field trips, sports, visits to museums, and so on. Children need to make real world connections right from an early age. Therefore, it is critical to consider what they would be doing outside the classroom confines.


  1. What are the hands-on activities for the kids?

For concerned parents, what the kids would learn outside the textbooks would be an obvious question. Consider these aspects before you get your child admitted to the institution.

In reputed academic institutions, students get a lot of opportunities to gain hands-on skills. They learn significantly outside their textbooks. Besides, the teachers encourage the learners to visit the libraries, and make the best use of information. Besides, the leading schools incorporate experimental methods of learning. During admission, you might ask about the sources of information for kids and project works, which would bestow them with hands-on experience.


  1. How safe is the learning environment?

The safety of your child would obviously be looming on your mind. Make sure to get a clear picture of the safety mechanisms of your child at the institution.

Safety of the kids lie beyond the benches and dais. Play zones, jungle gyms and other outdoor areas are not a part of the learning environment. It is imperative to examine the learning and play areas, so that the kids do not suffer injury. Moreover, parents need to make sure that the kids are not humiliated. Take an account of the non-teaching and support staff at the school, along with their track record.

  1. How is technology being used in the teaching process?

Presently, even the basic schools have a computer lab. However, you need to look beyond these parameters. In reputed schools, the classrooms come with ICT and digital aids. Besides, the teachers deploy a wide range of digital aids like PPT presentations, video and images.

 It is important to examine how the children use such technology. For instance, they should be taught to use internet as a means to carry out research. Videos and blogs should serve as a source of academic knowledge.

  1. How do the teachers assess the kids?

The way students are assessed go a long way in cultivating their academic competence and interests. The assessment methods should include subjective as well as objective questions. Besides, there should be interviews, viva, practical examinations and mock tests. Eventually, a comprehensive assessment mechanism would infuse the knowledge substantially in the kids.

For most parents, the choice of school depends on word of mouth, academic excellence and word of mouth. However, solely considering these parameters might not be adequate. Your kids deserve much more than air-conditioned classrooms, play areas and active labs. In reputed institutions like BGS Vijnatham School, one of the top 10 schools in Greater Noida, the learning process encompasses every element that makes a difference in the learners’ mindset.

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