6 Expert Tips to Prepare Your Child for School Admission

No modern parent will ever say that school admission was an easy process. Not that the schools make it overwhelming but it is the natural expectations that parents tend to have around their children that make the admission times so stressful.


No modern parent will ever say that school admission was an easy process. Not that the schools make it overwhelming but it is the natural expectations that parents tend to have around their children that make the admission times so stressful. You will certainly want your child to study in one of the best schools in Noida Extension 2020. And for that, you are definitely willing to go to any extent as the matter involves your child’s future. However, no matter what all you do, it ultimately comes down to your and your child’s performance in the school’s interview hall. So, allot everything else as secondary priorities and help your child to prepare right for school admissions in the following manner.

  1. Understand what the school expects from its new students

Every good school has a unique educational philosophy. And they prefer absorbing students who have the potential of easily fitting in. Taking some time to understand the ethos and expectations will help you to narrow down your lesson’s range. The top Schools in Greater Noida Extension will have all the information you will ever need up on their website. You can also schedule a visit with a teacher to dig deeper. Design your lesson plans as per the school’s expectations and then start teaching your child proactively.

  1. Focus on skills rather than subjects

Modern schools rarely focus on preschooler's subject knowledge. Instead, they look for traits like comprehension, communication, shape-matching, and behaviour. Your child may not get all the answers right in the interview hall but if he/she follows instructions, appear composed, shows curiosity, and interacts properly, he/she is sure to get the admission. Hence, during your lessons, dilute your focus from the subjects. Instead, constantly try to teach your child proper skills and behaviour.

  1. Try your best to make his/her learning fun

Schools nowadays emphasise heavily on engagement with education. It is only logical that you try to do the same as well. Include books in your admission lessons but also try to teach your child while shopping, from online games, with fun activities, and much more. The student will learn to count better if he/she is actually counting the number of apples you are buying at the supermarket. The knowledge will stay with your child better if he/she learns alphabets with animations. Today, the opportunity is there to make learning fun. Make full use of the same.

  1. Make your child comfortable with new people

Both the school and the teacher will seem alien to your child. Now, he/she might have answered all your questions at home but you need to identify that this was his/her familiar territory. The student may very well shut down in a new environment and refuse to answer questions to a complete stranger. To tackle this, teach your child at places away from your home periodically. Also, invite a friend over, at times, to ask him/her questions. As he/she gets familiar with answering to new people, your child will shine with confidence in the interview hall.

  1. Talk to your child about what is going to happen

No matter how young, you cannot take your child’s emotions for granted. Being clueless as to why you are taking him/her to this new place or why suddenly another person is asking him/her so many questions can build apprehensions or anxiety in your child. You must take your time to emotionally prepare your child for the admission day by talking to him/her about the what-s and the why-s. When your child knows what is about to happen, he/she will remain calm and might answer perfectly.

  1. Avoid getting disappointed if your child fails

And that remains true both during the preparation process and after the admissions. The Top 5 School in Greater Noida can identify potential even in failure. So, if your child is faltering while counting or matching shapes, try not to allow your expectations to get the better of you. Give your child the space to make mistakes, be empathetic when he/she is struggling. Keep your patience and the student do his/her best. In the absence of any added pressure, your child might start performing and break even your own expectations.

The BGS Vijnatham School is one of the renowned CBSE schools that sees learning as a process. The school’s ethos focusses on the educational journey along with the destination. With BGS, you not only get all the assistance you will ever need to plan your admission lessons but also expect the school to treat your child for his/her uniqueness. Good institutions are about education. And that is what your ultimate expectation as well. Select your child’s school right and prepare him/her with a smart approach.


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