5 Ways Top Schools are Managing Change in the COVID-19 Era

This year, coronavirus has impacted schools across the globe. Who wondered – there will come a time where schools will shut down for an entire year and that the education will be delivered remotely?


This year, coronavirus has impacted schools across the globe. Who wondered – there will come a time where schools will shut down for an entire year and that the education will be delivered remotely? Schools in India are working extremely hard to enable enhanced learning from home. They are ensuring their best teaching methods to make certain that their students are not letting go of their crucial year of education. Home-schooling has now become a trend, as the schools are providing effective education to their students through various methods of applications. On the other hand, few schools are collaborating with digital platforms to embrace homeschooling. Let’s take a look below at how schools are managing changes during the COVID era:

  1. Web-Based Learning: With COVID affecting the functioning of schools, web-based learning witnessed a major upsurge. Schools actively hosted their classes on applications like Zoom, Google Meet, and more. The educators took online sessions and progressed with their syllabus. The student’s attendance has been recorded digitally and that the teachers made certain with imposing day schooling compulsions. Although this marked an emergence of new-age schooling patterns in the country, the top schools in Greater Noida have gone successful in achieving their ultimate goal of delivering quality education. Also, a high rate of student attentiveness did justice to the schools’ efforts
  2. Online Assessments: Now that the schools were not able to conduct tests and manual assessments for the students, online assignments made their mark in the area of modified valuations. The students are being bestowed with the best of the assessments digitally. Likewise, the assessments are not limited to specific subjects like mathematics, science, and social science. Every subject is being evaluated based on written assessments. Such an approach is enabling the students to enhance their learning as well as keeping them indulged during their time at home. The online assessments have certainly increased the level of creativity and interest in students during the pandemic
  3. Online Activities: Remember, the days when specific sessions were dedicated to outdoor activities, library, and laboratories? The students are genuinely missing them. However, the schools are trying their level best to bring the activities within the home for students. The schools are coming up with several online activities like quizzes, games, etc. to engage students within fun activities and that they are not left overburdened with assessments and subjective learning. Schools in Greater Noida, have now, designated special time for the online activities which enable students to communicate better with classmates and educators. Also, it facilitates better relationships and virtual relationships are being fostered effectively
  4. Enhanced Digital Learning: Virtual education has opened the doors for the students to explore various options of learning and engagement over the internet. The students have now become more active in terms of learning new techniques and getting their hands over the learning applications available. The schools are working effectively to ensure their students are growing digitally, in turn, gaining advanced computer knowledge from home. Similarly, the teachers are training their students, step by step, to make the way easier for them
  5. Parental Engagement: Until last year, there was a time, where parents attended a special set of meetings conducted by the school to discuss their ward’s performance. However, with the pandemic transforming the learning pattern, parental engagement has also, changed its facet. Now, with online education or virtual learning, the parents are being engaged with their kids in a different set of activities. This, not only, is working fruitfully in the favor of the school, but also, is embracing the bond between a child and a parent

COVID-19 drastically changed the schooling patterns globally and that education has been impacted on a greater note. The schools, however, are implementing their best strategies to ensure that their students face no loss. They are progressing with their curriculum with active engagements and activities. BGS Vijnatham, listed under the top ten schools in Greater Noida, offers an excellent curriculum and quality education delivered by expert educators. They are effectively managing changes in the pandemic. The education in BGS Vijnatham is never compromised and that they are excelling in the virtual learning process.    

There is no doubt in the fact that COVID-19 has brought anxiety and stress, not only for adults but also affected the kids. The top schools are managing excellently and ensuring their students are bestowed with the best of the education facilities.  

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