5 Effective Features of the Best School’s Curriculum Pedagogy

As per the technical definitions, curriculum is the list of subjects that a school teaches its students in a particular calendar year


As per the technical definitions, curriculum is the list of subjects that a school teaches its students in a particular calendar year, where pedagogy is the process in which those subjects are taught. Naturally, when they exist independently or are out of proportion, education can seldom reach its deserved depth. All the right subjects but the instruction methodology are inadequate, or the best teacher in the classroom but the course does not include the required topics, in both the ways, the inadequacy is imminent. Only when the curriculum and the pedagogy are combined in the right balance can students extract the maximum out of their education and reach a level that is both thriving and academically-sound.

Hence, the best school in Greater Noida follows a unique educational practice that is known as curriculum pedagogy. And a few features mark its existence within the boundaries of an institute. Take note of these attributes to ensure that your child is receiving the best education from his/her school in its true form and taking large strides towards personal development.

  1. Continuous Learning

Learning, in any form, is an ongoing process. No one can bound it within the walls of a classroom or set a specific time span for the same to happen. Thus, the right curriculum pedagogy dictates a diverse environment for learning which mixes both indoor and outdoor engagement. Here, teachers elevate the traditional classroom teaching by combining various resources and also take students to the campus ground, laboratories or excursions to bring in other ways of learning. Even relevance is drawn from real-life activities and the home-life of students so that continue their learning process even without supervision.

  1. Personalised learning

This is a direct result of extensive research that experts have conducted throughout history to make education more acceptable and less information-oriented. The top schools in Greater Noida adopt the conclusions of modern research and always work to make learning personalised. There is provision for the identification of unique traits, learning abilities, and designing the curriculum based on the group demand. Personalised learning transfers the power of education to where it belongs, with the students, and they dictate the flow and pace of the classes. Teachers modify depending on the students.

  1. Application-based learning

Another direct result of continued educational research. Time and again, numerous psychological studies have shown that humans are wired to consume information through experience. Throughout history, we have evolved by doing the task first and taking the lessons later. Modern education has finally brought that instinct into play by making learning application-based where curiosity is first spurred either through verbal questions or models. And when the craving for knowledge is created among the students, the teachers present the information, and naturally subject consumption is way better.

  1. Goal-oriented learning

Can true progress happen without a specific goal? How can schools measure their students’ development without any specific benchmark? This is where goal-oriented or rigorous learning becomes vital where students are time and again kept under challenging academic ambiance to not only bring out the best in them but also ensure proper levels of development. Learning is long-term in this approach. Every drop that is added daily is a step towards that set educational goal. The entire school, teachers and students alike, work towards that, the guiding light which keeps everyone on track.

  1. Adaptable learning

When there is space for adaptation, learning becomes diverse. With this feature present in a school’s curriculum philosophy, every instructional transaction that happens in its classes is unique. Just like in the top 10 schools in Greater Noida, teachers consider things way more than the syllabus at hand and adapt accordingly to deliver their lecture. The stepping stone to each class is to consider the prior knowledge of the students. Then, presenting the lecture that is engaging. And then comes the learning experience of the children, each different as per their upbringing, all of which subject to continuous adaptation.

These 5 are the effective features of the perfect curriculum pedagogy. And the BGS Vijnatham School has them all included in the right balance in theirs. This is a school that believes in teaching through innovation and creativity and tries to achieve skill development along with education. In such schools, students achieve what they are supposed to rather than what they need to. Neither curriculum nor pedagogy can supervise your child’s academics. They must arrive together, with their essential ingredients, and sit perfectly through the guidance of able teachers. Select the best schools where success is an imminent reality.

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