10 Core Virtues Your Child’s School Must Have in its Curriculum

The term virtue encompasses more than its simple lexical definition of moral standard. Especially when used in sync with growing school children, it can become synonymous to behaviour, characteristics, values, and much more.


The term virtue encompasses more than its simple lexical definition of moral standard. Especially when used in sync with growing school children, it can become synonymous to behaviour, characteristics, values, and much more. The virtues that the best schools in Greater Noida West teach their students determine the type of citizens these children will become tomorrow and the knowledge that they will spread to the society. With good virtues being their guiding light, they will not only lead a healthy personal life but also contribute equally to their surrounding environment.

Thus, it is primary that schools have a fixed set of virtues that they intend to teach their students. And that list must contain the following 10 core values.

  1. Responsibility

Every student must feel responsible for their own actions and society as a whole. Without a sense of responsibility, children tend to live casual lifestyles incapable of owning up to their mistakes. A responsible student is diligent by nature, self-sufficient, knows the meaning of love and care, and so on.

  1. Adaptability

Not always will students find themselves in congenial situations. Not every circumstance will fit perfectly as per the student’s immediate need. Adapting to the changing environment and having the mindset for it must run in the child’s DNA as this virtue will help to overcome challenging situations and break records.

  1. Tolerance

Humanity as a whole is suffering from a lack of tolerance. Squabbles break out among people for the simplest of reasons and distinction based on caste and community has plagued our society since times unknown. Our next generation needs to learn the art of tolerance. They need to value the beauty of living together.

  1. Empathy

The ability to feel someone else’s hardships and feelings are known as empathy. As evident, the world will naturally become a better place if people practiced empathy rather than judgement and that is what the good schools in Greater Noida Extension look to inculcate. With empathy, students will be able to see the world in a whole new light.

  1. Enthusiasm

While it may seem that enthusiasm comes to a person out of the blue, the reality is totally different. Feeling enthusiastic about a particular topic requires a certain level of self-counselling that students need to master early. It is very easy to feel demotivated and lazy. But summoning positive energy, that requires work.

  1. Respect

When students learn to respect their elders, teachers, peers, surroundings, facilities, nature, animals, and every other aspect of their day-to-day life, they automatically form a behavioural standard that is higher than the average crowd. Respect creates understanding and humility. Both essential ingredients for every life.

  1. Loyalty

Feeling loyal towards somebody or something spurs a sense of belongingness. And this can be a massive driving force towards excellence among students. When students feel loyal to their school, they work hard to win that cup. Similarly, if they feel loyal towards their country, they will strive to elevate it in the global domain.

  1. Truth

Somehow, deception comes more naturally to humans as it provides the easiest routes. But sticking to the truth, that requires some strong set of principles. Students need to understand the importance of speaking and supporting the truth. Every institute in the list of schools in Greater Noida West must preach the essence of truth.

  1. Valour

The true definition of valour is obscure to some extent as by courage we assume the meaning to be of doing something drastic. However, students can show valour in the simplest of ways and that is what must exist as a virtue among them. The ability to fight failure, to stand for what is right, all these also come under valour.

  1. Endurance

Probably the most underestimated value of all. Endurance must follow adaptability and acceptance. If students know that they will accept a hard situation and adapt to it, they must have the heart to endure the phase and see it out. Giving up can be the natural instinct. But it is the virtue of endurance that will keep the students going.

There are definitely more in this list but never less. BGS Vijnatham is such a school that has all these virtues included in their core list and follows them as per their true meaning. The institute abides by the motto “LEARN TO EARN: EARN TO SERVE” which expands into these exact values and much more. When a school is clear about the virtues they are willing to hand over to their students, be sure that your child will learn just right. Along with education, even value-building will be a guided procedure.

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