The Christmas assembly'23

The Christmas assembly by Red Roses (pre-nursery) and Yellow Tulips (Nursery) children was a delightful event filled with joy and innocence. The young ones enacted a short script portraying the birth of Jesus Christ, capturing the essence of the Christmas story. Their performances were accompanied by charming dances set to various festive songs, creating a heartwarming celebration of the Christmas spirit. The event not only showcased the creativity of the children but also brought smiles to the faces of everyone in attendance, fostering a sense of community and holiday cheer.


    Muktadhara Cultural Celebration

    BGS Vijnatham School celebrated its 1st Annual Day on 16 and 17 December’23, centered around the theme “MUKTADHARA”, encapsulating a plethora of activities and a gamut of emotions. The dignitaries who graced the occasion were Mahant Abhay Das Ji. Nitin Malik, registrar, Ambedkar University, Delhi, Mr. Srinivas Surendra, member managing Committee, BGS Vijnatham School, and Ms. Milan Sharma, CEO Revnar Foods. The audience was left awestruck with the mesmerizing performances of the students. The event left an indelible impression in the minds of the audience. The event was indeed a success which received appreciation by the dignitaries and the parents.


      EXPRESSIONS 2023


      BGS Vijnatham School, Greater Noida West hosted an Interschool competition EXPRESSIONS on Saturday 02 December’23.
      The interschool event  served as a  platform for students to showcase their creativity and talent thus fostering a spirit of healthy competition and  artistic expression across schools.

      Beyond the competitive aspect, this interschool event created opportunities for  exchanging creative ideas, and building a sense of camaraderie which plays a crucial role in nurturing the artistic talents of students.