Why the Top Schools Have a Strict Uniform Code?

Take any institution in the list of schools in Greater Noida West, almost all of them have school uniforms.


Take any institution in the list of schools in Greater Noida West, almost all of them have school uniforms. And the best among them have strict codes that regulate the same, putting forth guidelines that elaborate specific acceptable details. Now, in an era where we are gradually including the global curriculum in our education system, we are still leaving out the world’s trend of not having uniforms in schools. The reasons behind this are solid. Research backs the benefits of having school uniforms. The top school thus maintains a strict uniform code and studies have shown that it improves school attendance, student confidence and overall participation.

School uniform promotes a sense of equality

The best play school in Greater Noida will have students from all socioeconomic backgrounds in its classrooms. And not having a uniform paves way for developing an atmosphere of socioeconomic inequality. All parents want their children to have the best of everything. They go beyond their limits to make their children feel happy and comfortable. Without uniforms, parents will naturally want their children to wear the best clothes to schools and the best of one student may not match the best of another. This will directly create an unnecessary distraction in the classrooms even when the intention behind was noble. School uniforms help keep things equal. Irrespective of the family’s socioeconomic background, everyone wears the same attire to school where education is imparted equally without discrimination.

School uniform also helps in maintaining discipline

Not too long ago, a student created an uproar in a US school when he wore a T-shirt mocking the then President with pictures of drugs and alcohol. We all know that such messages have no place in an institute of education. The US school had no uniform. They had dress codes but it was difficult to supervise and enforce. The student might not have flouted any rules intentionally but the incident again caused an unnecessary distraction in the school that challenged the institution’s discipline. School uniforms tell students indirectly what is acceptable within the campus. It leaves out all scopes of bringing in any wrong or inappropriate messages into the classrooms. Schools can implement discipline easily with uniforms and keep the focus on what is important – education.

It promotes a sense of belongingness

There is a reason why entities where unity is important have uniforms. Take the example of the army or a sports team. Working together is important. Every member needs to feel that they belong to the team or the country to selflessly attain greatness collectively. The same concept applies to the best nursery school in Greater Noida. When students start seeing as a child that they belong to the school, the sense extrinsically motivates students to come every day, help each other and abide by the norms that are put in place for their greater good. The sense of belongingness is the underlying reason why schools with uniforms show a lesser absentee rate than ones without uniform codes. Students in the former see their schools differently and develop a relationship with the members.

No room for peer pressure

A bit of peer pressure in academics is productive. As comparing is in human nature, one student might compare his hard work with another’s and strive to perform better in education. But peer pressure knows no boundary. When students come to school without uniforms, peer pressure will automatically set in as the children will automatically start comparing their socks, shirt colour, skirt material and more. Such comparisons lead to polarisation. They divide the classroom in counterproductive ways. Having the same attire eliminates such unhealthy peer pressure. It channelises human nature where it is important. Indirectly, the absence of unnecessary peer pressure also boosts self-confidence, self-portrayal and empathy. These help further education and enhance academic performance.

Thus, schools are right in every way to maintain uniforms. And along with the uniforms, it is also about the regulations that they are enforcing. Together, school uniforms are meant to keep the focus on education and clip away irrelevant distractions. BGS Vijnatham School maintains its strict code of uniforms for these very reasons. Academics and excellence are the primary driving factors at BGSVS and disputes arising from the lack the uniforms have no place. Students need to feel equal in their schools to achieve their full potential. Their minds need an ambiance of education and skill development. When their cognition is still forming, students do not need issues like socioeconomic differences or unhealthy peer pressure obstructing their growth. BGSVS is strict about its uniform code to benefit students and the system works in every way.

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