Tips to Prepare Your Child for the First Day in School

Each school year is a new beginning for most families where young children will step up onto yellow school buses or wave from their new classrooms for the first time


Each school year is a new beginning for most families where young children will step up onto yellow school buses or wave from their new classrooms for the first time. The transition brings a myriad of emotions for children as well as parents. To make this transition from home to school easier, here are some tips that will help your child navigate the first day of school with ease.

The Top 5 school in Greater Noida, asks parents to help prepare their child by following these tips.  

  1.   Visit the classroom

 Most schools allow parents and children to visit the classroom or have a small tour of the school to familiarise themselves with the new environment. The Best schools in Noida Extension 2020 usually set up a special day for the visit, however, you can also call up your school and set up a time to drop in and have a look around the school premises. This helps in easing anxiety and makes children feel more comfortable with the environment. The process helps with the transition from home to school and is also a great opportunity for your child to meet with the class teacher. A friendly and known face on the first day of school can make it a lot easier for kids.

  1.  Start following a routine before school begins

Children usually wake up late and sleep late during holidays and during term break. However, to make the first day of school easier for kids’ it is essential that children follow a proper bed time and wake up routine.

Starting school can be tiring for children and not getting ample sleep could affect their day adversely leading to more tantrums, anxiety, as well as a decrease in concentration levels.

To help adjust your child to the school’s routine, it is essential to start moving bedtime earlier before school starts. It is ideal not to schedule a lot of activities in the first few weeks of the school year, to help them from feeling overwhelmed. It is also important for children to get the right nutrition and a healthy breakfast goes a long way. It can help them jumpstart their routine and get their brains ready for learning.

  1.               Look for any signs of anxiety

 Getting into a set routine can reduce anxiety for the child. However, make sure to look out for other signs, like irregular aches and pains. Children can sometimes express their anxiety by complaining about stomach aches which present only on the day they have to go to school and disappears on weekends or holidays. 

Explaining the daily routine to your child can go a long way in easing their anxiety about school. You can show them pictures of their classroom, their teacher, as well as talk about the interesting things they will get to do in school. It is also important to reassure them that they are ok and in a safe environment. Spending time together before school commences and talking about the school, the love for learning, as well as the friendships that develop at school, can help boost your child’s confidence.

  1.   Shop together for school supplies

A big part of getting ready for school is buying the supplies which will be needed during the school day. Involve your children in the shopping spree, and help them feel more comfortable by buying them outfits, or tiffin boxes, or pencil boxes, which they would like to take with them on the first day of school. Buying a personalised item with your child’s name, etc. can help them feel more excited about school. You can also add a cheerful, loving message in your child’s lunchbox to boost their spirits and get him or her through the day.

  1.   Be Organised

 It is important to set a routine from the beginning, where you and your child can choose an outfit or uniform for school. Help them in packing their bags a night before with all the necessary school items. In the morning prepare a healthy tiffin together and involve them in simple things like picking their water bottle or putting their tiffin in their bags. This will help them feel more prepared for the day ahead.   

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