The Influence of Arts in Early Education

The progressive nature of the world is evident. The importance of science and mathematics in education is readily understood.


The progressive nature of the world is evident. The importance of science and mathematics in education is readily understood. Naturally, educational institutions are shifting their focus on the technical side of things to enable students to cope with the fast-paced nature of the economy around and become privy with the technologies that will ultimately be playing a massive role in the future society. Yet, surveys around the globe have shown that countries that focus equally on art education have students who are better performers in science and mathematics. Arts do not diminish the priority given to STEM education but rather complements it.

Hence, the best preschool in Greater Noida introduces arts from an early age. And its resources are made available to students of all ages. The influence of arts in early education is undeniable. It enhances both physical and psychological development among children along with readying their minds for the complexity of future academics. No matter which way the world is headed, arts cannot lose its relevance. It must stay in schools and that too, from the nursery level.

Arts directly impact children’s motor development

Motor skills are like the fine print of children’s overall nervous development. They require frequent tuning and practice to attain a certain level of mastery. From holding a pen properly to maintaining one’s balance while standing, it is the motor area of the human nervous system that enables children to move ahead with their daily activities. Arts affect this physical developmental aspect directly. When growing young students regularly engage in performing arts, they receive their fair share of practice. For instance, painting with a brush and crayons takes care of their finer motor development while dancing and acting helps them to master their gross motor skills.

It expands their imaginative power

At a time when most recurring jobs will be taken up by computers, creativity and imagination will rise as the superpower of human beings that the machines cannot replicate. Even though the lexical definition of creativity is arts-centric, its actual boundaries are blurred. A new way to approach a daily problem can only come from a creative mind. A new business strategy has its roots in imagination. These skills are not inborn. They can be taught. And when the lessons start early, students grow up to become destined for success. This is the reason why the best play school in Greater Noida focuses on arts heavily during the early stages. Creative and imaginative minds are not born in a day.

Arts also help students with their cognitive development

A partial definition of cognitive skill is proficiency in acquiring knowledge. With proper cognitive development, students become performers in every aspect of life along with education as they are now experts in learning from their environment. Research shows that the human mind can barely offer its full concentration for more than twenty minutes. It can still stretch the time to an hour but will stop working beyond that. Engaging in arts gives the mind its due share of rest. By involving a different side of the brain, students can actually build up their attention span for a further session of knowledge consumption. Hence, arts complement science and mathematics. With proper doses of work and rest, the students become efficient learners.

Finally, arts lead to personal exploration

Students acknowledge that they have a creative side better by finishing a piece of painting rather than cracking a math problem. Their self-confidence and self-esteem receive a higher boost after participating in a play rather than learning a new scientific concept. Not that engaging in science and mathematics has any less appreciative feedback, but the aesthetic nature of arts enhances the feelings to a greater extent. When students explore their personal side through arts, they form an improved sense of self-respect. This combined with science and mathematics gives rise to high confidence. The appealing side of arts cannot be ignored. Children who have a greater number of artistic pieces go on to become successful adults.

Thus, the top institute in the list of schools in Greater Noida West will have arts as an essential part of their curriculum along with meeting the modern-day academic demands. BGS Vijnatham is one such school where the infrastructure of visual arts and performance arts are top class, enabling their students of all ages to participate and engage in arts as per their liking. BGS acknowledges the influence of arts. The priorities are set right here to ensure proper all-around development of students. Such schools are progressive in the true sense, where the vision includes all aspects of a complete education.

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