The Importance of a Healthy Parent-School Partnership

Enrolling your child into a top school was definitely a massive responsibility but your role as a parent does not end with merely the selection.


Enrolling your child into a top school was definitely a massive responsibility but your role as a parent does not end with merely the selection. Effective schooling requires substantial input from the institute’s management and faculty, and it also needs your active collaboration. Every research in the field of parent-school partnership had only one conclusion. A healthy association leads to assured positive development of the students concerned. Naturally there are scientific and psychological reasons for the same and their recognition by both sides is certainly vital.

You are your child’s first teacher

Be it walking, talking or eating, your child has either learned these by following your instructions or picked them up by mimicking your actions. You are and shall remain your child’s first teachers and he/she will always feel comfortable around you. Now, when you pick the best play school in Greater Noida West and send your child there, this is the first time when the student will face a completely new environment. He/she will have peers for the first time and someone new will dawn the teacher’s role. Every child will express their discomfort here. The reactions will come out in various forms. It is your duty at this point to gradually guide your child into the school’s environment, counsel him/her at home, teach them a few lessons if needed, and acquaint him/her with the new teacher. Your child will listen to you and slowly embrace schooling.

Students learn better with their parents in the loop

Teachers impart their intended lessons and set assignments for home. Initially, students need guidance and supervision to allow the general flow of education to set in their system. If left unattended at home, students can pretty soon lose their direction and feel demotivated. However, if parents step in to find out what lessons were taught in class that day and what assignments are set, students receive that required supervision away from their schools also. Here, teachers need to take the initiative to contact parents to inform them about the type of assignment set. You can also get in touch with the faculty to discuss their expectations. Regular discussion will help both sides to stay up to date about the student and child’s guidance can be proper.

Schools require your inputs to design lesson plans

The top 10 schools in Greater Noida West identifies that every student in their classrooms is unique. No two children can have similar needs and learning patterns. Teachers at such schools will monitor the students’ academic behaviour in their own way but you need to pitch in with your own observations from time to time as well. For instance, if you notice that your child has difficulty following instructions that are given to him/her verbally, you should convey this to the teacher. She may, in turn, modify her lessons to write down on the blackboard more so that your child can follow. As parents, you are often in a better place to notice behavioural patterns at home as you are monitoring just your child. Even when the faculty at schools are trained to pick up student traits in a group, your inputs will always be helpful.

Your child draws inspiration from your involvement

Appreciation from parents is a massive motivating factor for children and even the simplest of gestures from your side can inspire your child to a great extent. When you visit your child’s school for a parent-teacher meeting, an event involving the parents or even sit in the audience while your child performs, it shows the student that you care enough to be involved in their schooling. On a similar ground, schools must also make way for active parents’ involvement and that is exactly you will find in the best convent school in Greater Noida West. Students who feel isolated in their schools from their parents underperform. But students who receive their guidance in sync with the teachers outperform. Thus, to create the foundation for student inspiration, schools should facilitate involvement in every form while parents must respond in an active manner.

A healthy parent-school partnership is crucial

And it remains a fact throughout the entire span of your child’s schooling. The BGS Vijnatham school believes in this philosophy and creates a congenial environment for parents to collaborate with teachers to ultimately benefit the students. Be it through academic meets or non-academic events, personal discussions or group sessions, BGS Vijnatham is an institution where you can closely follow your child’s educational progress and see them develop first-hand. Play your role as a parent even after delegating a part of the responsibilities to the school. Your child needs your company at every step.

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