How to Choose a Modernistic School for Your Child?

Choosing the perfect school for your child is probably the most important decision you will have to make as a parent.


Choosing the perfect school for your child is probably the most important decision you will have to make as a parent. The philosophy of the institution will help to mould the child, build his/her ideals and principles, and impart him/her with education that will become the student’s foundation to excel both in his/her personal and professional life. However, the very rules that used to be applicable a mere decade ago do not hold now. As a parent of the current era, you cannot base your decisions on outdated parameters. You need to choose a school for your child that is modernistic, which teaches today for tomorrow. And the attributes that you need to look into to pinpoint the top CBSE school in Greater Noida are listed here for you.

  1. Curriculum Design

The first aspect that deserves your attention is the curriculum design or philosophy that the school is going to follow while teaching your child. Good schools focus on the “why” of a subject more than the “what”. When a student understands the reason to learn a subject, he/she is naturally driven for that knowledge, and consumption is above par than the normal standards.

  1. Educational Goal

What the school is trying to achieve through its curriculum and pedagogy? Is the school all about performance or prioritises skill and intelligence building as well? In the future, a student’s abilities will take precedence over his/her grades. Thus, modern schools need to focus on skill development more than grades. Inspect the ultimate educational aim and look for such parameters.

  1. Involved Pedagogy

Teaching techniques, in other words. The time has gone when students merely had to consume all their subjects through classroom lectures only. The modern era demands much more as numerous researches have shown the best pedagogical processes in which students really survive. Application-based learning and inquiry-inspired teaching must exist in the school’s pedagogy along with others that complement these.

  1. Personal Attention

The best schools in Greater Noida apply every rule in the book to make learning personalised now. Students deserve a supreme level of nurture in their schools and the power to learn must rest with them. Find out if the school you are selecting has provision for inclusive learning. Do the teachers provide adequate individual attention and are there scope of counselling? Personal attention is indeed vital for your child’s academic growth.

  1. Parent Involvement

Modernistic schools will always identify you as the student’s first teachers and respect the biological connection of learning that a child has with his/her parents. Education truly reaches its deserved level when parents are actively involved in their child’s education and the schools must provide that space. See the lengths that your selected school goes to maintain a clear channel of communication. Inquire about your involvement and take only a satisfactory answer.

  1. Sports and Fitness

The right schooling is never just about academics. It is also about paying attention to the auxiliaries of overall development which includes physical activity. A student who participates in sports and fitness training shows better performance in education and possesses enhanced motor and cognitive skills. Thus, the sports infrastructure is another crucial element you need to inspect while picking a great school.

  1. Relationship Development

Modern education should also be about teaching the students the importance of cultivating and protecting relationships. And this factor must exist in your select school’s philosophy as that is what is going to dictate your child’s future happiness. The best CBSE schools in Greater Noida will always have the provision to interact and network with peers and teachers. Even, the top ones will look into you and your child’s bonding by having adequate policies.

  1. Safety and Security

Naturally, you need to expect the top-notch safety installations in the place where your child will be spending most of his/her time in the near future. But also, you need to look into the emotional security that is vital for your child to thrive. When in school, the institute must be a near-perfect replacement of the comfort that you give to your child at home. The ambiance must be caring, positive, secure, and so much more.

All of the above factors join together, add numerous other crucial educational elements and exist in a collected harmony within the campus of the BGS Vijnatham School. This institute is modernistic is every respect, follows an educational principle that focusses on the perfect angles of development, and creates future citizens who are socially aware and personally thriving. Only a few schools can tick all the right boxes. And that really narrows your choices down. Spend some time to precisely find out the best school and send your child towards the path of assured success.

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