Coding: A new revolution for a 21st century kid

As a parent, you must be knowing the relevance of programming languages in building a futuristic world. Infusing your kids with coding knowledge is analogous to providing them with a superpower to shape the upcoming civilizations.


As a parent, you must be knowing the relevance of programming languages in building a futuristic world. Infusing your kids with coding knowledge is analogous to providing them with a superpower to shape the upcoming civilizations. Coding is altogether a different language, which has proven to be revolutionary for 21st century kids. In the digitized job market, coding skills are valued more than ever before. Apart from the career potential that your kids earn from coding knowledge, it significantly enhances their critical thinking abilities and academic strengths.

Now, you might be thinking how coding shapes the young minds, right? In this post, you will get to know how coding knowledge leverages your kids in terms of academic insights and skills.

Coding knowledge makes your kids ready for higher educational pursuits

Across the world, the leading educational institutions for higher education prefer students having coding literacy. Therefore, acquiring coding skills at an early age makes them more competitive. These students enjoy an edge over their peers when they grow up and face the competitive academic environment at higher levels. This explains why the esteemed institutions in India, such as BGS prioritize coding as a part of the academics.

Besides, coding literacy is likely to fetch scholarships faster for your kid. Realizing this academic superiority, contemporary parents are looking for top institutions in India, where their children can gain relevant coding skills. Programming calls for mental acuity and dedication to a significant extent. Students who are well-versed in a programming language are perceived to be more resilient and intelligent.

Coding cultivates determination and tenacity

Learning to code also involves a substantial degree of perseverance and determination. In the process, students learn to cultivate discipline. If your child is able to solve coding problems, they are likely to grow more competent in the professional world. Such candidates develop the virtue of tenacity right from the early years, which make them less likely to give up while handling real-world challenges.

Even when they study other subjects, they benefit from the discipline. Moreover, competent programmers are creative, as they get the opportunity to design problems and solve problems to cater to a particular purpose.

The four Cs of coding

In the education industry, the four Cs of coding have already created a buzz in the last decade. This particular combination is considered to be an effective strategy for critical learning, that prepares the aspirants for the workplace in the 21st century and beyond. Esteemed organizations like BGS effectively cultivate coding knowledge in kids, infusing them with relevant knowledge at an early age.

Have a look at the prominent skills that your child would gain from coding.

  1. Creativity

Creativity largely involves thinking differently from others. While some sections of people think creativity to be an innate skill, kids can also develop their creativity through critical thinking. When they solve problems, they come across things that they are doing for the first time. This nurtures the latent faculties of their brain.

In computer science, one does not have to be artistic to be creative. This sort of creativity involves thinking differently and observing a problem from several perspectives. Eventually, they come up with ideas that others might not be possibly having.

  1. Critical thinking

Critical thinking is disciplined and intellectual process, through which one can actively analyze, conceptualize, deploy or scrutinize information. This information is generated or obtained from experience, observation, reflection, experience, communication or reasoning. Through critical thinking, students can differentiate opinions from facts. In the process, they can discover the truth behind facts. Coding fosters critical thinking through continual practice. Organization, problem-solving and logic are some of the aspects where your kids would gain from coding.

  1. Collaboration

Coding helps students grow their collaborative skills through teamwork. Often, reputed schools put the students in a place, where they need to achieve a common goal. An essential element of programming, coding helps the learners to get across to certain benchmarks through collaboration. In reality, each student is unique in some way or the other. Not all ideas come from everyone, which makes the participation of all the students essential. While working on coding, students learn to coordinate or work with others.

  1. Communication

Communication, a prominent byproduct of learning coding, proves essential as students mature. During coding, your kid would be learning how to retrieve or impart information through several mediums, including writing or speaking. Since the medium of coding is largely expressive, they gain-better conveying ideas.

The reason why most parents count on reputed academic institutions like BGS to train up the young minds of their kids is to make them future-ready. Fostering coding skills from an early age can streamline their careers significantly.


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