7 Safety and Security Measures that Must Exist in Schools

Ensuring top-notch safety in schools is the management’s responsibility. There cannot be any loopholes. There is no space for any compromise.


Ensuring top-notch safety in schools is the management’s responsibility. There cannot be any loopholes. There is no space for any compromise. It is not only about keeping the parents’ expectations but an unsafe environment will leave a permanent scar on the students. No child deserves to grow up like that and thus it is primary that schools of the modern era cover all security aspects and do not allow any blind spots in any corner. In the best preschool in Greater Noida West, you will typically find the following 7 safety and security measures in place. Only when all these ensuing boxes are ticked can you know for sure that your child will remain safe within the school’s campus.

  1. Constant surveillance through CCTV cameras

Technology has really elevated the level of prevalent security and schools need to invest in as many CCTV cameras as possible with the provision of constant manual surveillance. Especially for institutes with large campuses, CCTV cameras allow a quick response, minimise human errors, and keep every member in check in regards to their personal behaviour. This is naturally the first and the most important security step that schools should take.

  1. Employment of trained personnel

Security guards guarding the school’s entrances and exits must be trained in combating any threat that might come along towards the students and teachers. They must also have the knowledge in protecting a school campus and be professional about their approach. Such level of expertise can only come through niche security agencies and schools must delegate the safety to such enterprises. A common citizen in uniform will not work.

  1. Campus monitoring by teachers

Within the school’s campus, the students will only feel safe if they see familiar faces roaming the corridors. Thus, in the best play school in Greater Noida, teachers take up the responsibility to supervise the security during recess and maintain the necessary decorum within the school. As evident, the teachers need to be trained as well to foresee any dire scenario and must be capable of acting quickly to douse the situation.

  1. Regular evacuation drills and exercises

A fire hazard is also a threat. So is a natural calamity. Accidents can happen at any moment and the best possible way to safeguard from it is to prepare for the same beforehand. Schools must predict all the possible threats that can happen inside the campus and train their students and staff regularly through drills and exercises. Being prepared naturally reduces the chance of damage and keeps everyone emotionally safe.

  1. Strict identity card policy

Identity cards are a way to identify who exactly is a member of the school and who isn’t, who has authorised entry and who is breaking in. Modern schools must issue identity cards to all its members – students, parents, and teachers alike – and make sure that the security personnel deployed denies entry to anyone not carrying ID cards. This way, schools can keep strangers out of the campus and detect an outsider almost immediately to take action.

  1. Presence of teachers in school buses

A school’s safety and security responsibilities naturally extend to its buses as well and the management must make sure that they follow all the standard norms of protection during transit. Every bus must have a teacher and/or a supervisor in whose presence the students are comfortable. Plus, the school must run a thorough background check on the drivers. And naturally, there must be fire safety equipment installed and provision of GPS tracking.

  1. Open communication among students and teachers

Communication helps to bridge that tiny shred of the unattainable gap that continues to exist even in the most efficient of systems. A top play school in Greater Noida will interact with its students regularly to teach them the necessity of personal safety and hygiene. Students will also have a comfortable communication chain through which they can approach the teachers with their issues and make sure that the problems are adequately dealt with in the right manner.

A safe school is a thriving school. BGS Vijnatham has a stringent safety and security policy in its campus and enforces all of the above measures up to their very depth. The campus of BGS may be expansive but no corner goes unsupervised and entry is limited to ID cardholders only. Both the management and the teachers are vigilant protectors of the students and this is how a school must function. Safety of school children is by no means a casual parameter. They deserve a secure environment to pursue education and grow up to be a congenial citizen that the society needs more of today.

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