7 Positive Attributes that the Best Schools Teach their Students

How do you envision a well-educated person? Probably as someone with vast knowledge in a specific or wide variety of fields combined with humble behaviour and captivating values.


How do you envision a well-educated person? Probably as someone with vast knowledge in a specific or wide variety of fields combined with humble behaviour and captivating values. So, when parents send children to schools to acquire education, the general expectation is always that the students will learn more than textbook knowledge in the classrooms. True education happens when children pick up and practice positive attributes along with amassing academic knowledge. Such traits help them to become better citizens of society and live meaningful lives that extend beyond the scope of selfish boundaries.

Here is such a list of the top 7 positive attributes that the best preschool in Greater Noida West starts teaching its students from the very beginning.

  1. Punctuality

Punctuality is not only about being on time but also about respecting the value of someone else’s time. This habit needs both planning and practicing and should be one of the first attributes that students need to learn in their lives. Almost all schools have fixed timings but they need a strict system to implement the same. And along with strict supervision, students need to understand the importance of punctuality and how being late can affect the value of their daily lives.

  1. Cleanliness

The attribute of cleanliness has two components: personal and environmental. Personal cleanliness is necessary for good hygiene and maintains the overall health of society. Environmental cleanliness encapsulates habits that drive students to keep their surroundings clean. Abstaining from littering is one of the primary teachings of environmental cleanliness. These attributes make a student presentable in society. He/she also becomes an inspiration for many others.

  1. Politeness

Politeness is the mark of proper education. One who speaks from an educated level is bound to be polite with everyone. Schools need to teach this attribute as there is a tendency of confusing politeness with timidity. Students need to understand the difference and maintain a clear line of communication by keeping negative emotions out of their expression. Every human being, irrespective of their background, deserves polite behaviour and students need to develop this attribute into a habit.

  1. Empathy

Only the top schools in Noida Extension today focus on empathy – the power of stepping into someone else’s shoes and understanding his/her circumstances. Empathy is a difficult value to build but priceless to possess. This attribute can actually propel students to use their education for a good cause and help uplift society. Other virtues like kindness, care, warmth and compassion can stem from empathy and modern education need to teach this attribute as the first response to any situation.

  1. Leadership

Leadership can take many forms. Someone who can mobilise others towards a good cause is a leader. Another who takes the backseat and allows another member to lead is also a leader. Someone who diffuses a situation is a leader. Another who refrains from breaking up the team is also a leader. By teaching leadership, schools can create different leaders based on students’ individual strengths. And the 21st-century needs more leaders who can stand up and take action rather than simply going with the flow.

  1. Respect

Education must teach children to respect their elders. Education must also teach students to respect their peers and juniors. Mutual respect for everyone creates a sense of overall harmony. When everyone respects and feels respected, productive things can happen. Loss of respect leads to hatred. And this turns into violence. Education can throw this aspect out of society by teaching students the value of respect and building it as an attribute that everyone needs to peacefully move forward in life.

  1. Obedience

While freedom is important, unruliness is unacceptable. Behaviour and action that can harm others and can only be controlled by rules which makes obedience yet another important attribute. Students need to understand that rules and regulations are part of life and they are there to protect the interests of the overall society or community. They need to adhere to them, respect them, and not flout them even when no one is supervising. Schools can teach obedience easily by having a comprehensive set of rules within the campus only.

BGS Vijnatham School, a top play school in Noida Extension, teaches all these 7 positive attributes and more. Students receive a disciplined education that inculcates positive behavioural traits along with academic knowledge. A BGSVS student is well-mannered, behaved, empathetic and productive. He/she radiates the right values of education and contributes meaningfully to society. Isn’t this schooling should all about? Along with good grades and subject expertise, his/her positive attributes should also define an educated student.

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