5 Skills that Houses in Schools Promote

The house concept in schools is nothing new. Forward-thinking schools have been segregating their students into multiple houses or groups to better manage the student volume and promote various competitive activities within the premises.


The house concept in schools is nothing new. Forward-thinking schools have been segregating their students into multiple houses or groups to better manage the student volume and promote various competitive activities within the premises. But where the top 10 schools in Noida Extension stand out is on the level of importance that they pay to their house system. Such schools not only maintain the house structure to add the element of fun to education but actually develop skills that students will need going forward in the 21st century. Here is a list of the top 5 skills that students learn while being part of houses and participating in the related activities. None of these aptitudes can grow to their desired limits if schools do not prioritise their house structure.

  1. Working together as a team

Or collaboration in one word. In a society that is moving forward at an exponential rate, students will have to work in a group and function as a team. Be it in their personal lives or professional careers, collaboration skills are what that will lead them down the path of success. Teamwork means helping each other, seeking assistance whenever necessary, sacrificing one’s ego for the greater good, and playing your part well for the benefit of the group. These skills develop when students feel that belongingness to a house. They automatically learn how to work as a team.

  1. Leadership

Every house in school will have a leader and that too, at different levels. Someone is appointed as the house leader at the primary, middle school, and senior stage. This way, students start learning leaderships skill from a young age that only grows over time and becomes prominent. Plus, whoever is not chosen as the leader can either learn from the appointed house in-charge or assist that student in the leadership work. Learning by seeing also happens here where students pick up leadership skills by working closely with a peer or functioning as the deputy.

  1. Competitive spirit

The best schools in Greater Noida West flood the students with different competitive activities where the houses are pitched against one another. It can be sports, science exhibitions, public speaking contests, or a dance competition. Such events spur healthy competition among students who become ambitious seeing one another perform and win. And this leads to a better benchmark-setting where the students feel compelled to work harder in order to surpass the other house and bring glory to their own. Healthy competition is a great source of motivation and good schools bring in that element exactly.

  1. Time management

Being part of a house does not merely involve irregular participation in a few activities. Working as a team is regular work that demands both time and effort equally from all students. Be it the leader who is organising a meeting or the group member who has to attend it, everyone as to be involved to take the house forward and ultimately win. And all of these, students will have to do in tandem with maintaining their academic performance and school assignments and here come the skills of time management. Once put into such a curriculum, students will be compelled to manage both. With proper guidance and self-determination, they learn this vital skill of maintaining balance on all sides.

  1. Decision-making

A school house, no matter how small an organisation, involves continuous problem-solving and decision-making. The house leader has to decide whom to delegate the pending work to. The team members have to decide how to efficiently execute the set tasks and do it together without arguments. Then there are decisions about who is good at what, who should compete among a group of contenders, who should supervise and who is the backup option. Just like any organisation, a school house is also full of responsibilities that constantly test the students’ decision-making capabilities. Naturally, this gives students the practice they need and become effective decision-makers by the time they leave school.

Hence, the top schools in Greater Noida not only maintain the prevalent house structure but also takes the system to the next level to hand their students the skills that they will need along with education. BGS Vijnatham school acknowledges the benefits of having houses and thus, has five houses in total where students are placed into. Named in lines with the five pillars of creation or Panchanamahabhoota, the houses of BGS are directed to build strong characters, skills and sense of responsibilities among students. Houses in schools are like the indoor community. Along with skills, it fosters belongingness and acceptance.


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