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The webinar was very informative and Ms. Jasmine gave us the view how we should make more use of Flip classroom through activities. She emphasized on role plays, story telling, and role reversal activities. She also talked about activities where students will have specific roles to play as a leader, integrator, presentor or script writer.

    “ Happiness is unbroken link between man and nature .” Every year 28th July is observed as World Nature Conservation day, a day highlighting the importance of mother earth. On this occasion , the students engaged and expressed their love and connect with nature by penning down their creative instinct with a slogan. They emphasized to 'Reimagine, Recreate & Restore the Environment’ to conserve it for our future generations. 


      Capacity Building programme for Educators
      An early year programme for our child.   

      The webinar was facilitated by Ms. Preminda Langer. She emphasized on how to make kids ready for school. Moreover, she recommended the programs for pre-primary children.


        Capacity Building Programme for educators
        Mentor- School well being series   

        The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Dilip Patel who is certified zentangle teacher, Tedx speaker conducted a workshop titled- 'Happy teachers make happy society.


          Guru Purnima
          Pre-Primary Classes   

          Guru Purnima,  a festival dedicated to our traditional Guru Parampara  was celebrated on July 23rd  2021 in the online assembly.  Students paid respect  to their Guru by participating in various events  such as  reciting Shlokas  & Chaupai,  story telling etc  on this special occasion.Students in our morning assembly were enlightened about the teachings of our masters.


            Guru Purnima

            "Guru is the Light, in the  dark. An Inspiration and an Aspiration"
            The Pre Primary wing at BGS Vijnatham School celebrated Guru Purnima on Friday, 23 July 2021. The young ones recited shlokas and made  beautiful lotus to devote their gratitude towards their Guru.

              The festival of sacrifice was celebrated with the students of Step I – VIII by showing them a presentation on the meaning and essence of the festival. It also enlightened the students on how EID is celebrated and we should sacrifice our egos and live with each other peacefully and with love.

                 A Winner is a dreamer who never gives up- Nelson Mandela. The birth anniversary of a great leader Nelson Mandela was celebrated with the students of Step IV – VIII. They paid him a tribute by enlightened themselves by reading about his life’s journey, struggles and sacrifices that he had to make in bringing in democracy to his country – South Africa. He is still remembered as a revolutionary, a charismatic leader, the father of a nation and the founding father of Democracy in South Africa.  

                  The words by Malala Yusofzai, left an everlasting impression in each students mind. They valued the im;portance of education and how being a learned person can solve many problems. The students of Step IV – VIII enthusiastically read about the life’s journey of Malala Yousafzai and participated in an online quiz competition.  


                    Capacity Building Programme for Educators
                    Flipped Classroom teaching Integrating Online Resources of My Learning Train   

                    It was very informative session by Ms. Sonia Relia. She told us how we can flip from digital resources to a hand-made resources for making teaching-learning process more effective, especially in vitual classrooms. Also,teachers can use "Oxford educate" platform to get various resources such as worksheets, poster, puppet printouts etc.

                      The passing year brought us many challenges medically. Our supreme frontliners ‘The Doctors’ worked day in and out to save the world from the pandemic. Our young learners expressed their gratitude towards the doctors. The students of Step I – VIII were shown a presentation on how doctors have stood headstrong and tried to cure everyone in need. The presentation highlighted a doctor’s life and how tirelessly they dedicate their life in saving others life.  

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