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World Tourism Day was a great celebration. Students of Step I and II were shown PPT to make them aware about different places to visit in India. Students of step III onwards participated in the quiz based on World Tourism Day. 

    International Preservation day was celebrated at BGSVS. Students were shown PPT and videos which encouraged them not only to protect Ozone layer but to protect everything around them .

      The webinar led by Ms. Subha Chandrashekhar gave an insight and importance of the use of differentail instructional techniques and strategies. The session was very informative detailing on how to integrate differential teaching techniques to make learning effective for children. It also focused on teaching techniques for differently abled children to make the classroom inclusive for them and make forster effective learning.

        A presentation was shown to the students on the occasion of Ganesh Chatuthi. The importance of different part of Ganesh idol was discussed with the students. The reason of Ganesh Chaturthi celebration was discussed with the students.

          “Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge makes you great.” – APJ Abdul Kalam
          On the occasion of Literacy Day students were engaged in various activities. Tiny tots spoke about their favourite cartoon character, slogans on literacy. The middle wing students gave their favourite stories a different ending and had theme based speaking activity.  

            Charity…. is kind, it is not easily provok’d, it thinks no evil, it believes all things, hopes all things.

            On International Day of Charity, kids were shown ppt through which they were encouraged to do charity in different forms. Educators discussed about legends who did charity in their lives like Mother Teresa .

              The students of BGSVS celebrated teacher’s day by show-casing their talents in different ways. Students performed dance, sang songs, prepared cards and acted as their favourite teacher. It was fun watching them. 

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