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Capacity Building Programme For Educators
Public Speaking and Communication Skills Masterclass   

Communication is a way we express our thoughts and feelings to someone. The essence of communication is to ‘inform, entertain, influence or persuade’ your listeners.  A question that passes through our mind while we step on the stage, “Am I the ready for it?”, the hesitation to deliver surrounds the mind. Fear is the biggest hindrance that clogs our mind to think and make a connection with our audience. A takeaway strategy was to ‘MOVE’; 

M – Minutes before the speech, say to yourself, “I am phenomenal.”

O – Open the Speech: First few seconds grab the attention of the audience. 

V – Vocal variety and body language: Hold the attention of the audience with vocal variations or pauses. 

E – End the speech: End with a call to action, that’s the moment to influence the audience.


    Capacity Building Programme for Educators
    Strengthening self in times of crisis.   

    Dr. Parikh emphasized on the acceptance of the issue, that we are amidst a pandemic and each one of us is sharing the same troubles and worries. He also mentioned that the worries associated with the situation are also normal occurance and we should not weigh ourselves down with it.
    Dr. Parikh was full of praises for the teachers all around the world and considered them as the front line warriors. He applauded their tenacity, perseverance and the heart full nurturing of the students, keeping aside their own troubles, pains and issues.
    He urged the parents to be less critical and more accepting towards the endeavors put forth by the schools and teachers.

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