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BGS Vijnatham School organised a plethora of online activities to celebrate the National Sports Day on Saturday, 29 August 2020 to mark the birth anniversary of Major Dhyan Chand. The students were acquainted to the glory of Major Dhyan Chand through interactive videos and online quiz. 

    Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.

    15 August 2020 marks the occasion of 74th Independence Day in India. To mark the celebration of this great day, the Vijnathamese  adopted the virtual route and digitally expressed and honoured the sacrifices and dedication of the brave hearts.  

    The tiny tots from Pre Primary sang patriotic songs and narrated the famous slogans with full zeal and vigour. The students of Steps 1 and 2 talked about the true meaning and essence of Independence. Filled with same fervour patriotic spirits, the students of Step 3 – Step 5 recited heroic poems. The sheer depth of pride and zeal was well portrayed by the senior students of Step 6 - Step 8 through  Talk Show on the tremendous advancements and achievements made in the fields of Defense, Science, Agriculture etc.

    An online quiz was also conducted for the students of Steps 4-8, with an aim to enhance and enrich the knowledge on our history of struggles and Independence.

    May this spirit of freedom lead us to success and glory in life.

      Janmashtami a day celebrated as birth of Lord Krishna and conveys the strongest message of  *Victory of good over evil’. 

      An  online event was conducted to celebrate the birth of the Lord Krishna who has been inspiring our lives in all phases of life with his teachings. The students of Step I and II dressed up in theattire of Krishna and Gopikas singing Bhajans  winning our hearts with their adorable performances. The virtues of Lord Krishna which inspires the lives were well presented by children of Step III -V.  Inculcating the values of Lord Krishna with the Verses and Shloka’s , the students of Step VI-VIII recited the meaning of his teachings and the importance of the same in our lives. Children  of Step VI to VIII enthusiastically attempted  Goggle Form Quiz based on life of Lord Krishna.

        Rakhi is a bond of love and protection.

        Raksha Bandhan festival is observed on the last day of Shraavana month every year. This year Raksha Bandhan  was celebrated on Monday,3 August '2020 .  Step 1 -4 celebrated  the bond of protection by making beautiful colourfull Rakhi's  with  cards to make it  memorable . The bond of protection was marked by making sweets like Ladoos and Barfies by our Step 5 -8  which further strengthened the emotional connect between the family.

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