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Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore is known as the BARD OF BENGAL. He was the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. The students of step III C conducted special assembly on Rabindra Jayanti. The assembly in our school started with the students explaining the greatness of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, his achievements and how his works are appreciated all over the world.

    Mother’s Day was celebrated at BGSVS with great zeal. In the assembly students sang a melodious song dedicating it to their mothers. The song was ‘O Maa’. The song made each member think and realize the love, care and concern of their mothers. Few eyes were filled with tears. But this was not an end. The tiny tots made some craft items for their magical moms and took it home to surprise their mothers. 

      School Cinema is a film-based learning module combined with fun and exciting film workbook, which uses a language and medium that children are familiar with to subtly and indirectly influence their minds and their actions on varied subjects. A School Cinema workshop was conducted for the Educator of BGS Vijnatham School on 30 April,’22. The training focused on:

      • How to conduct School Cinema classes?
      • How School Cinema is useful for building a good character of a student?
      • The benefits of School Cinema for parents through parenting tips.
      • The benefit of School Cinema on Educators for dealing with various situations in school.
      • Different types of activities that can be conducted for students.
      • How to use the workbook effectively?

      A motivational and thought provoking movie ‘My Dad is the Strongest’ was shown to the Educators for better understanding of the programme.

        • Capacity Building Programme for Educators
        • Capacity Building Programme for Educators
        • Capacity Building Programme for Educators
        • Capacity Building Programme for Educators
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