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Capacity Building Programme for Educators
Learning to Live with New Normal   

The Virtual Learning Session on the topic ‘Learning to Live with the New Normal’ was conducted by Mrs. Minakshi Khurana,Principal, BGS Vijnatham School on Sunday, 31 May 2020. The session was a breather for the parents who were facing lot of challenges in maintaining the balance between ‘Work from Home’ and ‘Online Schools’. It was an informative session wherein Principal Ma’am enlightened the participants about various aspects of parenting. Parents shared their concerns and practical solutions were  suggested to them.

    BGS Vijnatham School celebrated Mothers' Day on Saturday, 09 May 2020 with exuberance. The participation of students in the online activities was heart-warming. It was evident that spirit of the students was high even in the period of lockdown.

      The students of BGS Vijnatham School actively participated in plethora of activities to mark the Labours' Day. The event evoked gratitude towards all the workers class for the their kind and untiring efforts to serve the society. 


        Capacity Building Programme for Educators
        5 Steps of Building Emotional Intelligence   

        Emotional intelligence is having the ability to effectively perceive, control, and evaluate emotions in yourself as well as in others. To be emotionally intelligent means having the ability to empathize with others, which subsequently helps you to better understand people’s deepest needs. Five emotional competencies are; 

        (1) knowing your emotions - Self Awareness 
        (2) managing emotions - Self- regulation 
        (3) Motivating yourself and others - Self motivation 
        (4) Recognizing emotions in others and showing empathy. 
        (5) Nurturing relationships and staying connected - Social skills.
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