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BGS Vijnatham School proudly celebrated the 72nd Republic Day with immense pride and honour for the Nation. The school witnessed the overwhelming participation of our young minds in plethora of wonderful online activities. The event showcased our yearning for a united peaceful India.

    The webinar emphasized on how the parents can teach their children with basic home activities using stories, poems ,show and tell  and household resources which are easy available. She also pointed to understand the feeling of children with the mood meter chart and she explained about art integration using simple sources. She pointed out that the parent has to be like a mirror and kids learn what the parent do rather what they teach. She also emphasized on teaching life skills, valuing culture and using pure language for communication. As usual it was amazing to ride Sonia ma’am’s learning train .


      Teach like a PRO as schools get ready for Reopening
      Capacity Building Programme for Educators   

      The Edutech webinar emphasized on how the educators can make the kids comfortable in the physical class set-up after being away from it for close to a year. The pointers were mainly curated from the book "Teach like a champion" by Doug Limov. It gave pointers on how the learning can be made effective and efficient without increasing the workload of both students as well as the teachers. The esteemed panelists discussed about the importance of planning, preparation and practice. Educators were also introduced to few Edutech tools which can be used for blended learning like Yacapaca, Wakelet and Polleverywhere. The panelists laid focus on differentiated instructions.With the focus on developing the skills of every child to foster their strengths it has become imperative to have differentiated instructions for the children with different skill set and capabilities. As an educational institution we focus to develop our children in a way to lead through progressive learning. To equip each child with basic concepts a teacher modulates different teaching techniques. Understanding and sequencing teaching strategies in an order from least effective to most effective i.e. lecture, reading, audio and video, practical demonstration, and learning. To enhance the efficiency of other students’ educators can have learning activity corners to keep the children engaged in other activities. Overall, it was a very enriching experience for all the attendees.

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