Why are Sports So Important in a Student’s Life?

The overall growth of children must encompass both their mental and physical beings, and if education is directed towards the enhancement of the mind, then sports have a similar impact on the body.


The overall growth of children must encompass both their mental and physical beings, and if education is directed towards the enhancement of the mind, then sports have a similar impact on the body. Physical activity acts as a positive catalyst for a student’s education. It works in an indirect manner to reinforce academics, inculcates life skills, and keeps the children motivated to achieve better. The top 10 CBSE schools in Greater Noida always acknowledge the importance of sports and infuses them in their core curriculum. Their necessity is truly unquestionable and the reasons are solid.

Sports have direct physical benefits on children

Humans, by nature, learn to master their body movements by experience. The more we move as a child, the better command we have over our motor functions. However, the advent of technology has made the lifestyle of children more sedentary where students prefer playing their games indoors and rarely participate in physical activity. Their motor development obviously takes a hit. When sports are present as a part of the school’s curriculum, physical activity becomes that compulsory subject that students have to take. By engaging in sports, they improve their heart condition, better their motor development, do away with the menaces of a sedentary lifestyle, and lead an overall healthy life by eating right and sleeping sound due to all the good metabolism that took place owing to an active life.

They also have profound psychological benefits

Sports help to bring down stress. They act as an outlet of all those pent-up anxiety and release tension in a healthy manner. Students find themselves in stressful situations quite often, be it the deadline of an assignment or a nearby exam, and a physically active student is psychologically better equipped to deal with these scenarios as compared to his/her inactive peer. Plus, sports take up time and offers a good source of engagement. Students are always better off spending their time playing soccer rather than watching television and consuming information that is not meant for them. When sports and education complement each other during the growing phase, the entire development is proper. This way, students are either training their minds or bodies, and there is hardly any time for negativity.

Sports help to teach soft skills

The best CBSE affiliated schools in Greater Noida require all their students to participate in sports, irrespective of their affinity, for a reason that is vital to surviving in the modern age. Superior soft skills have become the need of the hour and good schools know that there is indeed no better way to teach them other than through sports. A single game of cricket or basketball can bring out a leader, show the importance of teamwork, expose students to the highs of momentary success, and help them learn how to deal with failure. Even self-help skills like hard work, determination, confidence, and accepting assistance can be learned through sports as experience takes up the role of the teacher here and students learn by engagement. Where life lessons are concerned, sports provide the ground for practice.

They open career channels for many students

Not every child is an aspiring scientist. Medicine or law is not the only available profession. By having the option of exploring different types of sports in schools, students of such institutions have a fair chance to decide whether they want to pursue sports as their career or passion. The modern age is receptive to any idea. Students can venture out and follow their hearts to lead their life. With the right exposure, a soccer player can train herself right from the school level while an aspiring lawn tennis player can start feeding his dream with his trainer after school. It is thus natural that even the best preschool in Greater Noida have varied options when it comes to sports. Students deserve the right to maximum exposure and selecting their own careers where they will have the inner drive to work hard and succeed.

Sports have invaluable contributions towards education

After all, these are activities where students motivate each other to excel in all spheres of life. BGS Vijnatham thus maintains sports at the very core of its curriculum. From soccer to table tennis, swimming to gymnastics, the school has the infrastructure for numerous sports within the campus to enable students to find their calling and engage in their preferred form under the supervision of an expert instructor. A school’s approach towards education can be easily judged by looking at its outlook on sports. For every great school will recognise the importance of these on education. Select the one with the best sports facilities and allow your child to reap all the included benefits.



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