Top benefits of participating in Inter school competitions

Interschool competitions are quite common among schools in the contemporary world.


Interschool competitions are quite common among schools in the contemporary world. In fact, it is quite unlikely that one would come across a reputed school which does not arrange or participate in such competitions. From art and culture-based competitions like painting and music to sports, the interschool competitions vary greatly and help the students to develop various skills. Lately, the leading schools emphasize greatly on interschool competitions, making them an integral part of a child’s education. These competitions provide the children with various benefits.


Interschool competitions are a great way to learn working as a team. In these competitions, the students need to work together with their peers to win against the other teams. Hence, they start to get over any differences they might have with others and work towards a common goal, just as they might have to do in their professional life in the future. Most importantly, it helps the students grow to understand each other and strategize based on each other’s talents. In many cases, the students also play a role in organising the competition and this sharpens their organisational skills.


Healthy competition

Through the interschool competitions, the students learn to face their challenges. It fosters a mindset of a healthy competition among them. At the leading schools, the students receive the necessary guidance on how to stay competitive towards their rivals while putting up their best behaviour. The students learn to accept their defeats with grace and celebrate their victories without humiliating their competitors. This results in a major development in their personality that proves helpful in the long run.


Social skills

Participating in interschool competitions also enhances the students’ social skills. They learn to communicate effectively with their team members, who might even be completely new to them or of different age groups. Moreover, this communication isn’t just limited within the team. The students often need to interact or collaborate with teams from other schools. Eventually, these activities greatly teach the students to socialise with unknown individuals in unexpected situations.


Growth mindset

Educational psychologists have greatly emphasised on the importance of the growth mindset among individuals. Contrary to a student with a fixed mindset, one with a growth mindset would constantly strive to develop themselves and improve their skills. The interschool competitions help to build the latter among students. In the face of competition, the students would realise the need to develop their skills and would therefore work on enhancing them.



Participating in interschool competitions can also help the students build their career. The competitions are often organised by various top employers. Upon performing well, the students might be able to connect with them. Such connections prove quite valuable in the long run as the students might find employment in those companies through their connections. Moreover, alongside the formal qualifications of the students, their achievements in notable competitions are a good addition to their resumes too.



In order to deal with new challenges, the students may have to come up with innovative ideas and strategies. In fact, certain competitions also require them to build something new, such as science projects. All these develop the innovative skills of the students and create the impulse to seize every opportunity to come up with something new. In certain professions, this can be of great value. The urge to explore the unknown and try something new also fosters the enthusiasm to learn new knowledge and skills.


Mental strength

The interschool competitions make the students mentally stronger as the learn to handle pressure effectively. It develops the attributes like grit, persistence and resilience, which can certainly come handy during various difficult phases in their lives. The students get acquainted with stress and can face challenging situations with determination.


Leadership skill

The importance of leadership skills in one’s life is undeniable, especially in the case of students. When a student leads a team, he/she starts to understand the responsibilities of a leader. Practical experience can turn an individual into a great leader in the long run. This skill is valuable in various fields of work. Moreover, as they develop their leadership skills, the students also grow to understand others and see problems from others’ points of view. This is also a result of the discussions that take place while preparing for the competition.

At reputed schools like BGS Vijnatham School, interschool competitions are regularly organised to nurture the students in all these aspects. Considering how dynamic the world currently is, such skills can help the children progress academically as well as socially.


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