Degree or College: Which One Matters More?

The choice was fairly simple only a couple of decades back. As a student of today, you will often find the adults around you suggesting that the college you go to is highly important


The choice was fairly simple only a couple of decades back. As a student of today, you will often find the adults around you suggesting that the college you go to is highly important. In fact, during their time, the path was as straightforward as it could get where admission into a top college was a sure gateway to the elite jobs of the market. But times have changed now, as you very well know. There are a lot more options in jobs, degrees, colleges, and more. Today, as a student who is just clearing your 12th boards, you cannot name a single path and term it right. Today, you need to think more and explore more.


The argument for colleges


Let’s start with the more understandable side of this debate. College still matters! Although the prominence of the college brand name has reduced, no one can deny the effect a top college can have on your career right after you pass out from the top CBSE school in Greater Noida. Two back to back elite educational institutions will elevate your value in the market and companies will rally behind you to hire you. No country in the world has completely moved on from valuing the worth of school’s and college’s name. In India, at least, where education still garners a lot of respect, the college you join will matter more than the degree you procure. Compare IITs with the local college in your area.

Plus, elite colleges rise to elite positions for a reason. Their instructional depth, resources available, alumni network, and faculty knowledge is far ahead in the curve than any random name. What you learn is solid. The skills you master is unique. And naturally, top companies look at students only from the cream colleges while hiring on campus. An elite college is still a haven for secure jobs. You learn to join the corporate workforce or get to create the perfect foundation for future research.


The argument for degrees


On the other side, there are successful names in the world who have made it to the top posts without attending famous colleges or any college at all. This where the argument for degrees holds currently. In a famous 2002 study, economists Dale and Krueger revealed that two students, one going to an elite college and the other to a standard college, is likely to earn the same amount professionally over their lifetime. They suggested the students’ hunger to improve their skills and knowledge mattered more later on than the college they passed out from. Down the lane, you will find that companies will rarely ask which college you went to. They will become increasingly interested in your job experience and expertise.

Additionally, the entire job world has become increasingly fast-paced than what it was two decades ago. New jobs are being created almost everywhere that conventional colleges do not teach yet. You can get the basic knowledge from any undergraduate degree, build on that from an online course, and learn the rest in jobs. The grit to develop your skills, which you learn at the best school in Greater Noida, will determine your professional success, not the brand name of your college. Companies have also become open-minded. They now search for skills, not focusing on where you get it from.


What should you do?


Set to join the workforce and build your life in the 21st-century, you must learn to relax when it comes to college selection. The top 5 schools in Greater Noida will tell you that college is surely important, but the name does not matter now as much as it used to. Just like schools, a top college is determined by the curriculum it follows, the faculty it houses, and the exposures it gives you. If a standard college ticks all these boxes, you do not have to feel dejected or missing the competitive edge by not joining an elite university. As a primary step, focus on the degree you want to pursue. Think about the career you would like to build. Decide a college based on these as your knowledge and skills will help to drive success.

And you will have the required academic foundation if you are passing out from schools like BGS Vijnatham. Such schools make you lifelong learners, a trait that will see you through the ups and downs of your career. Top schools like BGS prepare you for the rigorous curriculums for the elite colleges and they also equip you with the skills to learn on your own. In short, if your schooling is right, the top slabs will surely fit in. Good college or not, you become destined for success.

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