5 Best Ways to Trigger the Interest of Students in Lessons

One of the most basic reasons behind the poor performance of students in examinations is the lack of interest in the subject matter.


One of the most basic reasons behind the poor performance of students in examinations is the lack of interest in the subject matter. When the students find the lessons to be interesting, it automatically becomes much easier to study. The top schools in Greater Noida West focus on making the lessons interesting to the students.  One of the very reasons why students from the leading schools perform well is because these schools come up with learning processes which are easy to follow. Here are the five best ways to get the students interested in the lessons.

  1. Relating to daily life

It is easiest to learn a lesson when the learner can understand its relation to their daily lives. This is why, the experienced teachers try to use such examples while explaining the lessons. For instance, while teaching literature, a teacher can show the children how the personality of a certain character is similar to theirs. In case of science, the teachers can inform the students about the real-life applications of the subject matter in a simple way. Another technique used by many teachers is to narrate stories from their personal lives to help the students understand the lesson.

  1. Making it communicative

Communication is of great importance in the field of education. Allowing the students to ask questions gives them the opportunity to get all their doubts cleared. In case of certain subjects, such as language, communication is particularly beneficial as it directly helps to improve the students’ skills. Often, teachers assign the students group projects. This implies that the students would have to communicate among themselves regarding the subject and share their ideas. Such communication makes education much more effective.

  1. Making it fun

If a student is asked why he/she does not study a lesson properly, the most likely answer would be that the lesson is boring. In order to make it interesting, the teacher has to ensure that the students can enjoy learning it. After all, learning would not effectively take place if the students hate the lesson and try to avoid it. This can be achieved by teaching through different activities. In certain schools in Greater Noida West, the teachers integrate competitive games into the learning process. Often, the teachers even use music, videos and funny cartoons to explain the subject matter in a way that the students would find it easy to remember. Fun class projects are a common activity practised in the reputed schools.

  1. Changing the perception of difficulty

If the students feel that a lesson is going to be a difficult one, they would automatically tend to avoid it. In fact, this is the reason why many students skip certain lessons within their syllabus. This often generates as a result of teachers telling the students that a lesson is difficult and they would certainly fail if they do not learn it. However, in the leading schools, the teachers take a different approach. They do not even mention the exams in the early stages. Instead, they tell the students about how achievable the lesson is and focus on helping them actually understand the matter. In certain esteemed schools, the teachers dedicate additional time to help the weaker students by providing them with extra classes on the lessons they find difficult.

  1. Using additional resources

Books and notes are only basic resources for teaching. The lessons become much easier to comprehend when additional resources are used. For instance, the top 10 schools in Greater Noida West arrange for visits by special guests such as industry experts and professors from reputed universities. They can provide the students with practical knowledge and a better understanding of the lessons. One of the reasons why schools like BGS Vijnatham School organise educational tours to museums, parks, beaches, etc. is that all these serve as additional resources that are fun to learn from. Slideshows and other audio-visual sessions have become a common feature among the reputed schools too. All these give the students a break from the monotony of regular classes and allow them to learn from a new and interesting source.

Essentially, the learning process is far more effective when the students find interest in the lessons rather than studying just to pass the exams. Once the interest has been fostered, the students would actively try to learn the lessons with care. It also helps them in the long run as they are unlikely to forget the knowledge gained from such learning processes. Therefore, it helps to serve the very purpose of education successfully.

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