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Capacity Building Programme for Educators
SCARF -How to Collaborate and Influence our Future Generations   

Educators  of BGS VIJNATHAM  SCHOOL  attended  a very enriching  Webinar conducted by Mrs. Minakshi Khurana , Principal, BGS Vijnatham School.  

The  main objective of the session was to empower the educators  about the five domains for influencing students i.e. S C A R F -Status , Certainty, Autonomy,  Relatedness  and Fairness  respectively. 

The session  started with a soul touching inspiring song which filled the environment with positivity. A series of presentations and videos followed which influenced the Educators to identify the factors that help  to collaborate with  children by sensitizing  them of their personal worth, of what future holds for them ,  control over life etc.

 Change is constant . However the rate of change is increasing everyday around us . The session enlightened about the keys to bring up a happy child during this rapid changing situation.  Success is beautiful till then we know how to deal with failure The session also focussed on looking beyond the role of a teacher and preparing a child for future life.
It was a very enriching and thoughtful session.

    The Virtual Learning Session on the topic ‘Scientific Temperament’ was conducted on Friday, 12 June 2020. The VLS  was aimed at developing observation and experimentation skills, data analysis and developing scientific temperament in students, and how we can incorporate this in classroom environment. It also talked about the need of bringing innovative learning methods to inculcate scientific temperament in young minds. Overall it was an informative session and teachers inquiry was handled well at the end by open question answer session.

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